Residence Entry Permit Overstay After Receiving Unfit Cert

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Residence entry permit overstay after receiving Unfit cert Oct 28, 2015
I have an urgent question, just got off the phone with Immigration and they were very unhelpful, haven't been able to get a clear answer from anyone.

My husband entered the UAE on a family visa(I am his wife) on Sept 18. He went for the medical exam and was told he has lung scars from old TB - he had TB in 2008 and was completely cured but as I have read he will get a life ban and will not even be able to come on a visit visa :evil: :( We are praying this law will be changed as it is not easy for me to find a job in my field - this is really breaking our hearts as our plan was to stay here until retirement since we are almost 50....

He received an Unfit certificate on the 27th of Sept and was told that immigration would tell him if he had a ban, we have been afraid to go there in case they would want to deport him immediately and according to the entry permit he has until 15 November(day 59). The problem is before the medical exam we had bought tickets to go to Thailand leaving 17 December, 31 days after the entry permit expires. If there is any way possible we want to spend this time together, seeing as he will be banned for life after he leaves and it would be a major pain to reroute his ticket. As I work for a school my holiday is fixed, I cannot change the date.

I am wondering if he will only get a fine for overstaying or if there will be any other penalty? I do not give a rip even if the fine is 100Dhs per day, it is worth it to have some time together and be getting on that plane together....I just don't want to be facing jail time. Most people have said he would just get a fine and I really hope that is true....Would they be easy on us seeing that he already has a ticket out of the UAE? Also do we really need to go to immigration first to cancel the visa? If so then when should we go?

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