Muay Thai / Kickboxing In Dubai ??

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Re: Muay Thai / Kickboxing in Dubai ?? Aug 30, 2009
Jace1979 wrote:Hello,

I am 28yr old male, new(ish) to Dubai and am wondering if there are any Muay Thai or Kickboxing classes that a COMPLETE BEGINNER could attend?

I am interested in mainly keeping fit / conditioning as since I arrived here I have done NO exercise at all! Bad eh!

Can you help please?

you can call 050-6983213 if you are interested to learn kickboxing to get fit...

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Sep 01, 2009
they also run classes and personal kick box training sessions/muay thai style at Fitness First Ibn Battuta. They guy Rod is really really good, and very friendly with beginners - a lot of fun!
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Sep 17, 2009
Candy, those are various martial arts style adapted into fitness sessions... not actual muay thai...
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Sep 27, 2009
Can anyone please tell me how much are the fees for xma fitness? I'm moving to Dubai in 1 month and I have my eyes set on xma fitness but if anyone can please check how much are the fees for a private lesson.(for me and my friend)
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Nov 21, 2009
riley29 wrote:Hi there,

I am a 25 year old female also new ish to Dubai. I know this is a relatively old posting but it's the closest I could find to finding a good muay thai gym here.

It seems that this Top Sports place is best to go to, it also conveniently to my work place. Just wondering if it is female friendly at all? I'm not bothered so much if there aren't any females there, but it helps when the guys don't all look down at you as soon as you enter the class! I'm not a pro as I've trained on and off for about 2 years but would still consider myself a beginner.

Any advice on this would be excellent.

thanks in advance.

Riley, did you ever go? I'm thinking of going too, and had the same question you had ....
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Nov 23, 2009
Maybe you can just go and check it out in person. Hopefully it is female friendly there!

I've just started kickboxing (outside UAE) and the morning sessions have mostly women e.g. housewives :), while the evening sessions have mostly men.
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Re: Muay Thai / Kickboxing in Dubai ?? Jan 27, 2010
Hi there1 I know someone doing a freestyle kickboxing by a Filipino ex- kickboxing champ. He is my former personal trainer when I was in Dubai ( back in UK now) , you can contact him on this number 050-6983213. What I know is he is still doing it, but not sure if you will get a slot as he has more than enough students because he is a nice guy and an excellent teacher, just try anyway.Cheers!
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Re: Muay Thai / Kickboxing in Dubai ?? Oct 05, 2010
Give Anthony a call on 050 3543660
He is a personal trainer and I know he gives kickboxing sessions
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Re: Muay Thai / Kickboxing In Dubai ?? Feb 18, 2015
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Re: Muay Thai / Kickboxing In Dubai ?? Jun 25, 2016
checkout for martial arts
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