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Listen Up, People! Feb 18, 2012

Having been away from DF for a few hours it has disturbed me to read the posts on the shoe bomber topic!

What's up with everyone?

I hate it when I see my friends having a go at each other!!

Religion is the route of all evil, as far as I'm concerned. I know, in reality, if we all sat down together, we would all be able to get along.

I love Bora, who is Muslim, I love FD, who isn't. I love Herve, who isn't a Muslim aswell and I love Zonker, who isn't sure what he is :D I respect what Nucleus says and I think Berrin is a nutter but realise he/she is free to say what they want to say.

Please people! I ask you! respect others and don't take what others say to heart.

Let's try to get along on DF. The forum is going to implode otherwise.

What do you think? Should we carry on posting as we are but people shouldn't take things so personally or should we water everything down?

I love all my friends and don't give a sh1t what religion or what background they are from!!!!

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