Are We FREE Anymore?

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Are we FREE anymore? Jun 06, 2017
Do we have right now to like ordinary people from Qatar? Shall we be afraid if we do not know what groups will our politicians support? Shall we sell our furniture, cars, books....just in case if our country leaders do something for what we will have to leave UAE in 14 days?

I can't stop to think about Qatari families in UAE or elsewhere. How they can just give up everything, take their children from schools, stop their lives, jobs, sell furniture, cars, flats or villas???

I mean are we FREE anymore? Do we decide for ourselves who we are, and who we support, or our governments will decide our future and where will we live and from where we will be kicked out? :((((

I feel sad for all ordinary people today. I feel sad for whole ummah. I love this country and I would be extremely sad if leaders of my country do something that will make me leave this country.

Why ordinary people always pay prices for everything. We ordinary people never start wars...our politicians do. Then somehow always we finish in concentration camps, as refugees, as wounded, killed, stay without houses, wealth, properties, arms or legs etc.

As child I survived one war in Bosnia, I was refugee, stayed without a house and never returned to it, I was in concentration camp 4 months, and survived many bombings and sniper bullets etc. I know how it feels to leave all what you had in possession and go to other country, "restart" your life...

I just wish that ordinary people do not pay prices for their politicians. Leaders can do whatever they think is the best for their country. But can they at last ask ordinary people for their opinion and then let them decide for themselves on which side they want to be?

Anybody to answer?

I am now just a housewife, and don't want to discuss politics. Just want to know are we FREE and do we matter and do we still have any rights? I feel insecure. And I feel pain of all ordinary people of this world. And I love UAE.

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Re: Are We FREE Anymore? Jun 13, 2017
Alhamdulillah :) I think I got the answer for my questions and it feels so good. Yaaaay: ... -1.2042017
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