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1 year ban Jul 31, 2012
Hi there!

Anybody here knows how much is needed for a 1year ban to be bought out?

Thanks! :D

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Re: 1 Year Ban Jul 31, 2012
Thats corruption.
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Re: 1 Year Ban Jul 31, 2012
drewpeacock , Standard procedure actually, the bans are nothing more than a money making scheme. It's perfectly legal, nothing underhand about it. To buy a ban out can be tween 3,000 - 5,000 dhs as far as I know.
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Re: 1 Year Ban Dec 11, 2012
Chocoholic ,is it true can we lift the ban by our self withthat amount please clarify me as i am putting resignation prematurely
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Re: 1 Year Ban Dec 12, 2012

No you cannot , not until you finish working atleast 1 year for that company.

best way is to sit with the boss and discuss why you want to quit , be honest and explain. the company probably has invested some money to get you over, so they may ask for some payment and some negotiation to break the contract. The company wouldnt want an employee that is not motivated to work. as it will loose them money. Book a time , go and sit the with boss. Be honest and dont bullshit (sucessful business folks can see right throu the crap.) dont go in there and say i want to leave becasue my aunti is dying and i want to go back home etc....

Good luck.
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Re: 1 Year Ban Dec 19, 2012
tween 3,000 - 5,000 dhs
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