"SECRET Report": Find A Job In Dubai - Does Anyone

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"SECRET Report": Find a job in Dubai - does anyone Oct 16, 2007
Hello and Salam everyone,

I ran across this website and I'm trying to find their 2007 issue. Does anyone have it, is it worth it, how much did it cost? Does anyone know when the 2008 release will come out? I don't trust people trying to sell stuff like that online but this looks very promising.


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Oct 16, 2007
Hi there.

If you have a look at the "Jobs in Dubai" section on this forum you will see two sections listing some of the "agencies" in Dubai. There are a few posts specifically about the agency "Jobs-in-Dubai” read these and make up your own mind.

Personally, no "secret report" is going to get you a job in Dubai, it may have a few pointers on what to look for, but that's about as accurate as its going to get. There is more useful information on these forums than there are in any book; you just need to take the time to look for it.
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