Rental Agreement Escape Clauses -- Do They Exist?

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Rental Agreement Escape Clauses -- Do They Exist? Jul 08, 2008
When I first got to Dubai, there were some delays in processing my residency visa, so I had no choice but to take sharing accommodation. I was living happily in a villa up until just recently when we got busted by the Municipality. :(

The best thing about living in the villa was that I paid my rent monthly and I only needed to give 30 days notice to vacate. Paying 6 or 12 months of rent is not an issue in and of itself, however, losing any part of that if I should leave the country is a huge issue (I'm not rich enough to not care about several months of rent :p).

My friends all claim that there is a provision to break a lease that is specified in a "standard" rental contract (60 days notice seems to be official notice period). However, how and when money is refunded is where everyone's story seems to change (ranging from "you get it on day 60" to "you get it when someone else signs a lease, even if that takes more than 60 days" to "the landlord is under no obligation to refund any money to you at all").

Whenever I ask Realtors about breaking a lease if needed, I am immediately told that there are no provisions for this, and if I move out before the end of the contract, I'm simply out of luck.

Does anyone know, what is the official policy here, and where would I find it (I've tried the Dubai municipality site, but I can't find anything)? If there is a clause for breaking a lease, I've love to see what the exact wording is. If there is no clause, then are there any rules against subletting if you are moving out (I'd like to see that wording, as well)?

If I should move for any reason I desperately do not want to worry about finding a subletter and I very desperately do not want to watch thousands of dirhams get flushed down the toilet.

Can anyone advise? Much obliged, thanks. :)

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