Planning A Marriage While Visiting Dubai

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Planning a marriage while visiting Dubai May 15, 2008
My significant other currently lives and works in Dubai but is a U.S. citizen (will be returning to U.S. when work is completed). I am a U.S. citizen and currently reside in the U.S. I will be visiting him this summer for two weeks and we are hoping to marry during that time (I will return to the U.S. after the marriage/visit and he will return in a few months). Per this link ( ), it seems as though the process is fairly easy. My questions are as follows: Will there be any kind of waiting period for us to marry? I believe only U.K. citizens have to post banns. Will I need a medical exam per one of the sections? I am divorced; will I need to bring my divorce document? I still have a hyphenated name from my past marriage which is on my passport and may not have the time to have it changed before I leave for Dubai. Will this be an issue (other than not really wanting my ex's name on the certificate :-<)? I'm in the process of having my name changed back to my maiden name; will that document suffice for them when creating the marriage document or will they go by the hyphenated name on the passport?

Thank you in advance for any information.


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