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Marriage in Dubai Sep 15, 2009
Hello everyone. I need some advice on how to get married in Dubai, UAE.

I am a 22 y.o. female.

Ok, this is the scenario.

I'm a Christian female (U.S. citizen) engaged to Muslim male (Pakistan citizen). He has residency visa, I do not, but I can obtain once I arrive to Dubai and get a job.

I got following reply from Dubai government, can someone clarify some things for me please.


1 – Presence of bridegroom and bride with her legal guardian (father, if her father is no more then her son, then her brother, then step brother then grand father then paternal uncle. However the heirship certificate should be produced which states the legal relationship between them) or the authorized person of same faith and religion who is her legal guardian and holds special power of attorney for marriage. Two Muslim witnesses should be present at the ceremony.

2 - For the UAE national one of the couple or the guardian should be holder of passport issued from Dubai. However for the expatriates one of the couple or the guardian should hold a residence visa issued from Dubai.

3 - If the bride is a widow or divorced, she should attach the death certificate of her late husband or the finalized divorce certificate.

4 - If the guardian of a Muslim bride is not a Muslim, a NOC from the concern consulate should be obtained which certifies her marital status. The NOC should be attested from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in UAE, and if it was written in any foreign language, it should be translated into Arabic and attested by Ministry of Justice. If any of her male relative is Muslim, he becomes her legal guardian.

5 - Passport copies of bridegroom, bride and her legal guardian, beside the copies of witnesses ID. UAE national should produce their national social ID booklet, however if they are only the holder of UAE passport they should attach a declaration of not holding national social ID along with the copy of their passport.

6 - If the bride’s passport does not hold the name of her father, a copy of her birth certificate is must.

7 - UAE national from the Emirate of Ajman, who wants to marry an expatriate, he should bring an N.O.C letter from the Ajman Ruler’s Court or Ajman Sharia Court.

8- A lady who holds U.A.E. passport and nationality registration certificate issued from Dubai, intends to marry a man who holds UAE passport only or to marry a alien, shall have to obtain a no objection certificate issued from concerned authority in the country. If her passport is issued from other Emirate, she should contact the court of Emirate from which the passport is issued.

9- It is a amendatory for a Saudi national who intends to conduct a marriage contract with a non Saudi national and for a Libyan national who wishes to marry a non Libyan to obtain a letter of consent from concerned authority of their country, while any Omani, Qatari and Kuwaiti who intend to marry a non GCC national, shall obtain an approval letter from the concerned authority of the country. Lebanese nationals should present a copy of their family social ID and personal registration of social status. Moroccans should submit a certificate of single status. All of such certificates are valid for the period of three months.

10- To obtain a medical certificate from a government hospital.(Certificate should be in Arabic Language).

11 - If bride’s father name is mentioned in her passport her birth certificate to be produce.

12 - Pay fees Dh60/- "

What I have a question about is this "or the authorized person of same faith and religion who is her legal guardian and holds special power of attorney for marriage."

Is it ..

1. A Christian Lawyer?
2. Any Christian male who is my guardian?
3. A special Christian guardian who happens to be a lawyer?

I want to mention that my step-father, cannot, by any means, attend this proceeding, and he is a Non-Muslim, I don't even think he has a religion. I do not have brothers, and I do not have uncles.

Help, what to do in this case? Can my step-father give a written consent to marriage or can I get a Christian lawyer to be present during the proceeding??

Thank you all!!

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Sep 21, 2009
Your nearest male relative. I don't think religion matters.
If you can't find a male relative then a legal guardian / power of attorney holder e.g. lawyer who is the same religion as you.

That's my interpretation, not a legal statement.
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