Passport Not Returned Even After Given The Court Order

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Passport not returned even after given the court order Sep 15, 2013
I filed a complaint against my employer for not cancelling my visa despite my formal resignation. The case is already in the MOL and they gave me a chance to work while the case is ongoing.

But my problem is I can't be able to work without cancelling my visa because my employer is holding my passport.

A court order was released for the police to retrieve my passport. But two weeks have passed and the employer is always telling the police that they will give it back.

The police told me not to come to the police station to do a follow up, instead they said that they (Police) will call me once they get me back my passport.

I need the passport urgent because another employer is waiting for me.

What if they don't return my passport?

I need a quick solution because I might loose the opportunity.

Advise please... Thank you

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Re: Passport Not Returned Even After Given The Court Order Sep 20, 2013
Getup , Same thing happen to me as well with my first employer.

Do not need to worry. If you have lodge a complain in MOL than, when evedr is you hearing day request them to finalised your dues and cancle your visa you want to go your home country. And here unnecessarily you are increasing your expenses without any pay. They will faster your process and once get cancellation submit ur passport to other employer.

This process will take 4 to5 hearings. so till that time you have to have bit patience.
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Re: Passport Not Returned Even After Given The Court Order Sep 20, 2013
Hi Judij,

Thank you very much for your response. Luckily my new employer still awaits me. And they are a lot better.

The police once again tried to get my passport, at the end my employer told that they lost it and instead filed for my new passport in the Ministry of Interior. This act of my employer delayed my cancellation of visa. Because without the passport I cannot be able to cancel my visa and transfer to another employer.

Let me tell the whole story as what bad companies are doing. (They are doing these to all the employees that tried to leave them)

1. They will ignore your resignation.

Solution: Try to send it by E-mail or by Fax so that you will have a written proof.

2. They will try to get a signature from you that you have received all your salary and benefits in arabic.

Solution: Be smart, take a copy dont sign, try to record the conversation.

3. They will counter file you as absconding of work in the MOL.

Solution: Keep a record of your attendace for the whole 30 day duration or keep a copy of files that proves that you have worked the whole 30 days.

4. MOL representative will try to convince the both parties to make ammends and/or settlements. My empoyer promised that they will pay but they never came to said date of payment, and you will end up waiting and waiting.

Solution: Remind the MOL reprentative that its only up to 14 days, if it is not settled then the case should go through.

5. Your employer will try to make you suffer by delaying everything.

Solution: You have to have enough money to support you through the case and most of all be STRONG Mentally.

We never did anything wrong with this employer. Just we wanted to leave, and this is what they gave us. It was not only me.

If my comments are not ok, I am always willing for a rich conversation.

I hope I can also help others.
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undefined Apr 07, 2015
Please I want to know
my case still dubai cort before six month my company still not cancel me they don't want to give me my my passport

what I will do I don't have job please halpe me

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undefined Jul 25, 2015
good evening .. my visa is cancelled already and i dont know when what should i do?? we have case in labour and it is in dubai court already .. pls help thank you so much..
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Re: Passport Not Returned Even After Given The Court Order Jan 20, 2016
Getup ,

R u clear now?
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