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court case Oct 14, 2009

I have registered a case against my employer in dubai court for my salary and wrong termination. i have not taken a lawyer yet.
I was wondering is it necessary to take lawyer? can i in the middle of way decide to get lawyer?can the lawyer increase my total outcome?

i would like to take lawyer where he can take percentage of total outcome. any recomendation?


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Oct 14, 2009
Lawyers definately help and prices are negotiable.

You definately need an arabic speaker and someone who has experience dealing with your type of situation. I would say get a lwyer from the start.
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Oct 14, 2009
Save the money. If you have Arab speaking friends who can translate documents, read yourself UAE Labour Law (Arabic & English version at, and confident about the case (you have proofs, etc), then you don't need a lawyer. After all, most of the lawyers here are so lazy (do nothing). Mostly you don't confront at court but through document submissions (back & forth). It's not like series you see on TV (US court system). Translators are available at court as well, even if you don't speak/understand Arabic.

To consider also if the amount is worth to fight for. The process can take months (thanks to govt performance), that is 2-4 weeks per session. Unless you already got another job, you need money to live and survive until the judgment comes out. Also it costs a lot to legally translate to Arabic each documents (proofs, arguments, etc) you submitted.
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