Need To Remove Absconding From Labour

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Need to remove absconding from labour Apr 08, 2015
I need your mobile number.
my mob +971-56-6405402
Actually My husband is working under his brother company. His brother have one local partner.
due to some reason his brother didnot pay sponsorship fee to his local partner.And that local abscond my husband.even my husband does not about this local.
its has been 4 years now.absonded in 2011.
My husband also losted his labour card.
In Feb 2012 he visits to local sponsor to finish this absconding case,She took money from my husband but didnot finished it. In 2014 police catched my husband and than my husband file a case against local sponsor she didnot pay him salary. because of this case police released him.
But after this he didnot follow that case he filed against sponsor,and police said this case cant be finish.It was in rashidiya police station.
Now in mar 2015 police again catched my husband. and ask for sponsor if she give staement in lbour than we can relaese you otherwise you will be depot from here.
He contacted again sponsor and she is asking money again and said yes I already applied for you.
But she didnot applied for him.Now the sponsor is not reponding,neither picking call nor opening her house door.
And labour asking my husband finish it otherwise we will depot you.
So what we will do now.

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undefined Apr 19, 2016
Hi can i ask regarding abscond case in freezone husband has been abscond by it lifetime ban.plz need answer
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