Need Advice To Remove Lifetime Ban For My Dad

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Need advice to remove lifetime ban for my dad Sep 22, 2014
my dad has been living here from the past 28 years, he had few loans and was not able to cover them of the banks from where he had taken the loan filed a cheque case in which my dad put his passport for bail, this was in 2010. now in 2012 he got fired from his bank due the reason given as cost settings and we were given 1 month time to cancel our visa's but since my dads passport was in the prosecution and he had more cases coming up he was scared to go there because they would arrest him, so he ignored the 30 days period..he was caught in 2013 in may with 9 cheque cases and he covered up for them by staying in the 2013 oct i bailed him out but that time they told me he had a immigration case and he cannot be bailed..i was shocked since i was not aware of that case even when the case was filed in jan of 2013, so they took him to aweer immigration and i hired a lawyer to help me out...the lawyer bailed out my dad on my sister's passport and then we were given dates for the immigration court hearings where the lawyer said he would attend all of them.

But he never attended any and in jan 2014 the judgement was given as deport/lifetime ban and a fine of 1000. my dads company had filed my dad as a my dad went to the ministry of labour to clear it and it got cleared saying a 1 year ban was to be imposed and that he can go to the immigration to cancel his visa this judgement from the labour was given on 18 of sep 2014..and then when i went to the immigration they said that we cannot remove the lifetime ban and that my dad has to be dad dint mind that but then i asked him how long would it take to get him back to his country ? and the guy replied maybe 1 day 1 month or 1 year and i dint have anything to say..

Me and my mom are on his sponsorship and we cannot cancel our visa due to this, our visa has been expired from 2012 and i have no idea what to do..i dont want my dad to stay in jail..i want to cancel my visa and come back here and let my mom and dad stay inour home country and our lawyer isnt picking up his phone even after we have cleared his payments..we are left alone and have no idea what to would be really nice to get advices from you and let me know what can i do abt this case, and make it ASAP? please? thanks..

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