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Husband Visa Aug 19, 2008
Please help me as my fiance and I is having a difficult time in the process of obtaining a Husband Visa.

First let me tell you the situation is, my siginificant one is on a Visit Visa when she signed her contract on her current employer and they told her that it's possible to give her an employment visa depending on her performance after 6 months and that they will cover the expenses for her visa until that time. But suddenly they said they will not going to give her the same unless she can provide a visa on her own because of the new ruling for visa now as Dubai just recently released new types of visa and they told her they cannot accomodate the expenses for the visa because of the amount. Also they have inform her that the company is on a reorganizing period for her dept. so as they cannot issue an employment visa for her within 2-3 months.

Now, we're planning to get married here in Dubai so I can give her a Husband Visa for her employer. My questions are is it true that the couple should have a residence visa as one of the requirements in getting married here? Is it possible for yout to give me the full steps and requirements on how to obtain a Husband Visa and how long it will take?
Do you have any suggestions in my situation?

Any reply will very much appreciated.
Thank you so much!

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Aug 19, 2008
I have no idea about the marriage situation, but her company was acting illegally in the first place by making her work on a visit visa. If they have given her the job then they should sort the visa asap. They sound dodgy to me.
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