Bounce Cheque Case

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Bounce Cheque case May 25, 2016
Hi hello to every body here !

I have 3 bounced cheques which were all security cheques against payments for my interior decoration projects .

These cheque amounts are 95000AED, 85000AED and 55000AED , and in first court haring , i got one month jail sentence for each of them ( very much bad luck ) , and i made appeal, i attended appeal court and Appeal Court Judgement came with same one month sentence ( it was a big shock) . Now, i am wondering what could I do next ?

I wish i could spend the Ramadan at home with my parents , please if there is any body could help me .

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Re: Bounce Cheque Case Jul 22, 2017
karmay ,

Dear ,

Hope All well,

are all your cases cleared, if not you can contact us.
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