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Ban? Nov 27, 2006
Hi guys :-)

Some of you must start thinking I'm a troublemaker :)
But I'm not that bad... :P

Just another question...

I quit my job in Sharjah in september 2006, there was no minimum contract time specified in my contract. Anyhow, my employer was very angry when I resigned, because they had lots of expenses and I only worked for them one year. So when I handed in my passport for visa-cancellation that local HR guy was quite mad and he told me I would get a ban so I would be unable to enter the country for one year, even on visit visa no entry possible (hehe.. but he said if I would pay him 1,000dhs there would be no such ban... I didn't pay him).
But... there is no stamp in my passport, just the one "visa cancelled".
Was that guy just scaring me or is there a chance that there is such a ban?

Cheers from (rainy) Germany,

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Nov 27, 2006
He's trying to make some money from you. :D

You have ban in labour but not in immigration. You can come back to dubai on visit visa but you can't work or shall i say no employer can apply work permit for you since you're still under labour ban for 6 months.

It's raining in UAE too. Cold outside. :D
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