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Baby Born in Dubai Sep 09, 2013
Hi everyone,
I really need an urgent answer regarding my situation.
We married after my wife got pregnant.
My wife delivered in Dubai last week and I got birth notification from the hospital,and than I went to Baraha Hospital to obtain the baby's birth certificate but I instead given a letter typed in Arabic and they told me to go to Dubai Court. We were baffled by what the lady behind the Baraha counter meant but what she wanted was for us to go to the court and request them to approve our marriage so that we can get the birth certificate.
Than they told me(Baraha Hospital) my marriage is less than 6 month before baby born.They gave me paper to Dubai Court.
My question is what should I do now? :(
Please give me your advise

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Re: Baby Born In Dubai Sep 11, 2013
Go and get some proper legal advice and do it NOW.
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Re: Baby Born In Dubai Sep 12, 2013
Pack your bags and get the hell out of here..

on a serious note go see a good law firm...
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Re: Baby Born In Dubai Sep 16, 2013
diablo1983 , you show me paper im lawyer after will tell you what you should do 0509635956
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Re: Baby Born In Dubai Sep 24, 2013
Take advice from a good advocate , move leagally to sort this issue......
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Re: Baby Born In Dubai Oct 12, 2013
take advice your advocate.i think he's better advice
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