Mom Hoping For Return Of Baby In Dubai

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Mom hoping for return of baby in Dubai Jun 03, 2012
Hello all - I want to share my story with you:
Living as an expat in Dubai, my husband took our baby Caroline when he filed for divorce over 2 months ago. He also left me with no resources and pressed criminal charges against me, forcing me to flee to the US and unable to return to the UAE for my daugher. Ignoring US Court orders to return Caroline, an American citizen with two American parents, his actions constitute kidnapping.

Caroline is presumed to be living with her father in Dubai, last seen at our home in Arabian Ranches. Please learn more about this case at bringcarolinehome[DOT]us and facebook[DOT]com[SLASH]bringbabycarolineback

Thank you so much for your support and helping to raise awareness that may help to return her to the US. Every child deserves the love of her mother.

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Re: Mom Hoping For Return Of Baby In Dubai Jun 03, 2012
Good luck in your quest to have your child returned to you.
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Re: Mom Hoping For Return Of Baby In Dubai Jun 03, 2012
I've read about your story and for your husband to be holding your daughter to ransom is basically just nasty and vindictive. He knows full well that if you come here to answer to the charges (it's been well publicised what he's charging you with) he has brought against you, you'll be detained and likely imprisoned, so there is no question of you returning. Sadly the UAE cannot enforce the court orders of the US as far as I'm aware. I really don't know what you can do to force his hand in this matter. But good luck with your quest. Yours is not the first case of it's kind like this and it certainly won't be the last.
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