Visit Burj Khalifa Skylounge Floor 123 With Only 80 DHS

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Visit Burj Khalifa Skylounge floor 123 with only 80 DHS Apr 03, 2016
if you would like to visit Burj Khalifa's Sky lounge (floor 123) i can take you there for 80 DHS per person and up to 4 person at a time.
if you check AT THE TOP's ( ) pricing, you can see the price difference. not to mention the huge queue.

just pm me on Skype with the username: lawabiding_citizen1 and we will talk further in details. i also can include a Jacuzzi and Swimming pool at floor 76 for an additional 100 DHS per person.

Also i should say there is free beverages on the house :)

I have to mention that i have a Burj Khalifa Entrance key under my own name and it is LEGAL to have 4 guests at a time in Burj Khalifa with a single entrance card.

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