Nepotism & Lack Of Integrity

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Nepotism & Lack of Integrity Jan 12, 2021
Since beginning of my children's studies there was one guy from their class who kept sending messages to my daughter.
And she ignored sometimes, and sometimes replied but he kept asking and asking her questions about topics, assignments, teachers etc.
That would not be a problem if there was not my son in the same class!
And my son is levels better in studies than my daughter.
But this guy never asks my son anything, but only my daughter.

And now in their third semester I lost control and wrote a message back to the guy: Here is mother of that and that, you shall not send questions to her, ask her brother if you have something. If you keep sending messages on Teams or phone to her only I will contact police. And I blocked him.

But little I knew there are mostly family/friends members studying at that University, and that almost every student has his or her family member or parent's friend there.

My daughter just failed in a subject where she didn't even do exams but only assignments. She did all requirements and didn't miss anything that needed to be done, but still teacher failed her! He said that she copied from her own other assignment (from other subject), but earlier he told students they can use their assignment from other subject and copy some parts from THEMSELVES only, and that will not be counted as plagiarism. Because two subjects are similar, as it is engineering, and so they can use same books for two different subjects.

And when she called him and told him that from her side she did everything what was required, he told her to do assignment again and resend him and he will give her a pass!! A pass where she could get a distinction if he was up to his own words!

Is our educational system a Souq?? So teachers can give anything, however they want, when they want, and they can change mind and grades however they want....??

If she really deserved to fail he would never give her a chance to resubmit. But he knows he is playing so he is giving her a 'second' chance. I am sure that that was just his message to her and to me who is the boss at Uni and that she shall not refuse HOLY MOLY freaking guy whose family member is her teacher.

If I had money for lawyer and court I would not write here. But I am in debts as all at Uni already know, so he thinks he can mess up with my daughter and scare her and make us change our mind for that well-networked family/friend guy.

But there is a power over every powerful man... One day family and friend's ties will not benefit those who are prone to nepotism and who lack integrity.

Bi ithnillah we will see that day soon.

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Re: Nepotism & Lack Of Integrity Jan 14, 2021
There is a big competition between students for Internship next year inshaallah. Only the best will get internship and some stipend to cover the expenses. And what teacher did?
Told them all they can copy from their own assignment in other subject and he will not count it as plagiarism. But when they did, he gave them less marks.

Who ever heard that excellent students get anything less then distinction in assignments. After two semesters and getting all A marks in assignments now students got B and C and some even fail the subject, without doing any exams.

What can this tell you; that teachers is tricking students so they get less marks, but his family members and family members will get excellent and therefore be the best.

Cheaters will never have a quality of honest people, however they try! Life will show who is the best.

They can grab internship and jobs, but they will not benefit humankind in anything unique, because they know only for cheating and nothing else.

Useless...They will finish how they lived and find out that they only cheated themselves!
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