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Identity Jan 22, 2021
After 13 years(+) that I left my country and came here...

I wrote an a-mail to my Embassy asking for service that will provide ease to citizens who are in UAE, during this pandemic. And that's simple service as to be able to get passport here at Embassy instead of traveling abroad.

And all I got is IGNORING. Nobody replied.

And as I learned in Dubai, (that spoiled me to the core), I wrote to the Ministry.
And again IGNORING.

Oh, then I realized that I wrote to my own Embassy and not to the UAE institutions...
I forgot myself. It was normal for me to request service and to await reply and positive response!

I woke up. I am Emirati without being it. I have more rights here then at home. I am more respected and heard here then in my own homeland. I never assimilated myself here, but UAE took me as I am. It took all my being and existence without me knowing it.

It is me who 'I am'. It is not my passport! And I am changed. No need to assimilate.
I just need to start living as who 'I really am'.

أهلا يا شموسة

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