Getting A Loan In Dubai?

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Getting a loan in Dubai? Dec 09, 2005
How easy is it compared to the uk to get a loan what is the apr like is it cheaper than the uk and how long do you have to wait to before you can apply to get one what are the pro's and con's of getting one in dubai rather than the uk. :?:

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Dec 09, 2005
This question cant really be answered on the forums since loans are always case by case basis. You gotta have some sort of collateral and you need to visit each bank seperately for their terms and conditions.


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Dec 10, 2005
what smartd said is true. But what sort of loan are you looking for ?

personal loan ? probably get a better deal here.

car loan ? also u can get good deals here dunno about the UK though

mortgage ? i would stick with the a UK bank from what i have seen mortgage loans here have alot of catches (they mortgage the price of the property based on value from developer rather than purchased value) and other shady things ..

hope this helped .. but disclaimer i am not an expert in banking or anything :)
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Dec 10, 2005
It's not that hard to get personal and car loans, banks normally ask for a salary certifcate or statements showing 3 months salary going into the account which is to pay the loan.
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Dec 11, 2005
For personal loan you can get up to 21 x your salary with upper limit of 250 k Dhms, the interest rate i think is 10 % but not sure.

Don't do loans man or you will fled out this country.
There are alot of temptations in this country, and with money in hands, you gonna go home empty handed.


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