Expat's Arrogance As A Hidden Sign Of Inferiority

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Expat's arrogance as a hidden sign of inferiority 27 days ago
Residents of my building are good looking and stylish. You would think they are all models from the magazine when you meet them in elevator or at reception. Traces of good perfumes are left behind long after they are gone.
And so is garbage!
When they leave parking spot in front of the building entrance they leave behind their garbage from inside the car. Energy drinks cans, pizza boxes, fast food boxes, bottles, empty tissue boxes...even food! leftovers of juices, bread, ketchup....
They are all expats from different countries and different cultures but one thing they have in common; arrogance!
How they developed it, I don't know. Just somehow they feel that others have to clean after them.
I complained to receptionist and he sent cleaners to clean, but next day new bags were thrown and new bottles and cans...
In description of their job cleaners doesn't find it their duty to clean garbage around the building, especially because it belongs to the sand next to building's parking. No mans land!
Municipality cleaners do not find it their job to clean litter, as it is so near building and it might belong to building management to deal with it.
Where is the culture? Where are characters under expensive clothes and perfumes?
If their arrogance is just based on good clothes and "wealth" (they all pay rent!) then it is nothing more then hidden inferiority complex.
They want to burry that complex deep down by pretending they are worth more then ordinary people and to feel better about themselves as such.
This Planet shall be thankful for their presence and all beings have to clean after them as such creatures are unique in the entire Universe.
Their Excellence Dirty Pollutants, creators of wild landfills! God decrease their numbers! Amen.

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