A Card To Walk In The Park In Sharjah

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A card to walk in the park in Sharjah Feb 19, 2008
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Feb 19, 2008
heheh again theres a good reason behind this.

one there have been lots of fights happenin in shj parks by lil kids in loose jeans and baggy t-shirts fighting over who gets the booty.

2nd there have been couple making out in the middle of a park at 2am :S

3rd parks have become a dating spot for many teenagers.

so the park is not being used as it should be thats y steps like these are taken so that the park can be used by ppl who luv to walk like urself :D or by families who can have a picnic without having to be disturbed by rowdy crowd or lil kids swearing etc etc.

abit like asking the workers not to look at naked women even though naked women are not wearing anything so obviously anyone who is a MAN when i mean man they have something between their legs ;) will obviously look :D
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