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can anyone translate please Jul 19, 2004
1:1 In-ay e-thay eginning-bay as-way e-thay Ord-way, and-ay e-
thay Ord-way as-way ith-way Od-gay, and-ay e-thay Ord-way as-
way Od-gay.
1:2 E-thay ame-say as-way in-ay e-thay eginning-bay ith-way Od-
1:3 All-ay ings-thay ere-way ade-may y-bay im-hay; and-ay
ithout-way im-hay as-way ot-nay any-ay ing-thay ade-may at-thay
as-way ade-may.
1:4 In-ay im-hay as-way ife-lay; and-ay e-thay ife-lay as-way e-
thay ight-lay of-ay en-may.
1:5 And-ay e-thay ight-lay ineth-shay in-ay arkness-day; and-ay e-
thay arkness-day omprehended-cay it-ay ot-nay.
1:6 Ere-thay as-way a-ay an-may ent-say om-fray Od-gay, ose-
whay ame-nay as-way Ohn-jay.
1:7 E-thay ame-say ame-cay or-fay a-ay itness-way, o-tay ear-bay
itness-way of-ay e-thay Ight-lay, at-thay all-ay en-may ough-thray
im-hay ight-may elieve-bay.
1:8 E-hay as-way ot-nay at-thay Ight-lay, ut-bay as-way ent-say
o-tay ear-bay itness-way of-ay at-thay Ight-lay.
1:9 At-thay as-way e-thay ue-tray Ight-lay, ich-whay ighteth-lay
every-ay an-may at-thay ometh-cay into-ay e-thay orld-way.
1:10 E-hay as-way in-ay e-thay orld-way, and-ay e-thay orld-way
as-way ade-may y-bay im-hay, and-ay e-thay orld-way ew-knay im-
hay ot-nay.
1:11 E-hay ame-cay unto-ay is-hay own-ay, and-ay is-hay own-ay
eceived-ray im-hay ot-nay.
1:12 Ut-bay as-ay any-may as-ay eceived-ray im-hay, o-tay em-
thay ave-gay e-hay ower-pay o-tay ecome-bay e-thay ons-say of-ay
Od-gay, even-ay o-tay em-thay at-thay elieve-bay on-ay is-hay
1:13 Ich-whay ere-way orn-bay, ot-nay of-ay ood-blay, or-nay of-
ay e-thay ill-way of-ay e-thay esh-flay, or-nay of-ay e-thay ill-
way of-ay an-may, ut-bay of-ay Od-gay.
1:14 And-ay e-thay Ord-way as-way ade-may esh-flay, and-ay elt-
dway among-ay us-ay, (and-ay e-way eheld-bay is-hay ory-glay, e-
thay ory-glay as-ay of-ay e-thay only-ay egotten-bay of-ay e-thay
Ather-fay,) ull-fay of-ay ace-gray and-ay uth-tray.
1:15 Ohn-jay are-bay itness-way of-ay im-hay, and-ay ied-cray,
aying-say, Is-thay as-way e-hay of-ay om-whay I-ay ake-spay, E-
hay at-thay ometh-cay after-ay e-may is-ay eferred-pray efore-bay
e-may: or-fay e-hay as-way efore-bay e-may.
1:16 And-ay of-ay is-hay ulness-fay ave-hay all-ay e-way eceived-
ray, and-ay ace-gray or-fay ace-gray.
1:17 Or-fay e-thay aw-lay as-way iven-gay y-bay Oses-may, ut-
bay ace-gray and-ay uth-tray ame-cay y-bay Esus-jay Ist-chray.
1:18 O-nay an-may ath-hay een-say Od-gay at-ay any-ay ime-tay,
e-thay only-ay egotten-bay On-say, ich-whay is-ay in-ay e-thay
osom-bay of-ay e-thay Ather-fay, e-hay ath-hay eclared-day im-
1:19 And-ay is-thay is-ay e-thay ecord-ray of-ay Ohn-jay, en-whay
e-thay Ews-jay ent-say iests-pray and-ay Evites-lay om-fray
Erusalem-jay o-tay ask-ay im-hay, O-whay art-ay ou-thay?
1:20 And-ay e-hay onfessed-cay, and-ay enied-day ot-nay; ut-bay
onfessed-cay, I-ay am-ay ot-nay e-thay Ist-chray.
1:21 And-ay ey-thay asked-ay im-hay, At-whay en-thay? Art-ay
ou-thay Elias-ay? And-ay e-hay aith-say, I-ay am-ay ot-nay. Art-ay
ou-thay at-thay ophet-pray? And-ay e-hay answered-ay, O-nay.
1:22 En-thay aid-say ey-thay unto-ay im-hay, O-whay art-ay ou-
thay? at-thay e-way ay-may ive-gay an-ay answer-ay o-tay em-
thay at-thay ent-say us-ay. At-whay ayest-say ou-thay of-ay yself-
1:23 E-hay aid-say, I-ay am-ay e-thay oice-vay of-ay one-ay ying-
cray in-ay e-thay ilderness-way, Ake-may aight-stray e-thay ay-
way of-ay e-thay Ord-lay, as-ay aid-say e-thay ophet-pray Esaias-
1:24 And-ay ey-thay ich-whay ere-way ent-say ere-way of-ay e-
thay Arisees-phay.
1:25 And-ay ey-thay asked-ay im-hay, and-ay aid-say unto-ay im-
hay, Y-whay aptizest-bay ou-thay en-thay, if-ay ou-thay e-bay ot-
nay at-thay Ist-chray, or-nay Elias-ay, either-nay at-thay ophet-
1:26 Ohn-jay answered-ay em-thay, aying-say, I-ay aptize-bay ith-
way ater-way: ut-bay ere-thay andeth-stay one-ay among-ay ou-yay,
om-whay e-yay ow-knay ot-nay;
1:27 E-hay it-ay is-ay, o-whay oming-cay after-ay e-may is-ay
eferred-pray efore-bay e-may, ose-whay oe's-shay atchet-lay I-ay
am-ay ot-nay orthy-way o-tay unloose-ay.
1:28 Ese-thay ings-thay ere-way one-day in-ay Ethabara-bay
eyond-bay Ordan-jay, ere-whay Ohn-jay as-way aptizing-bay.
1:29 E-thay ext-nay ay-day Ohn-jay eeth-say Esus-jay oming-cay
unto-ay im-hay, and-ay aith-say, Ehold-bay e-thay Amb-lay of-ay
Od-gay, ich-whay aketh-tay away-ay e-thay in-say of-ay e-thay
1:30 Is-thay is-ay e-hay of-ay om-whay I-ay aid-say, After-ay e-
may ometh-cay a-ay an-may ich-whay is-ay eferred-pray efore-bay
e-may: or-fay e-hay as-way efore-bay e-may.
1:31 And-ay I-ay ew-knay im-hay ot-nay: ut-bay at-thay e-hay
ould-shay e-bay ade-may anifest-may o-tay Israel-ay, erefore-thay
am-ay I-ay ome-cay aptizing-bay ith-way ater-way.
1:32 And-ay Ohn-jay are-bay ecord-ray, aying-say, I-ay aw-say e-
thay Irit-spay escending-day om-fray eaven-hay ike-lay a-ay ove-
day, and-ay it-ay abode-ay upon-ay im-hay.
1:33 And-ay I-ay ew-knay im-hay ot-nay: ut-bay e-hay at-thay ent-
say e-may o-tay aptize-bay ith-way ater-way, e-thay ame-say aid-
say unto-ay e-may, Upon-ay om-whay ou-thay alt-shay ee-say e-
thay Irit-spay escending-day, and-ay emaining-ray on-ay im-hay, e-
thay ame-say is-ay e-hay ich-whay aptizeth-bay ith-way e-thay
Oly-hay Ost-ghay.
1:34 And-ay I-ay aw-say, and-ay are-bay ecord-ray at-thay is-thay
is-ay e-thay On-say of-ay Od-gay.
1:35 Again-ay e-thay ext-nay ay-day after-ay Ohn-jay ood-stay,
and-ay o-tway of-ay is-hay isciples-day;
1:36 And-ay ooking-lay upon-ay Esus-jay as-ay e-hay alked-way,
e-hay aith-say, Ehold-bay e-thay Amb-lay of-ay Od-gay!
1:37 And-ay e-thay o-tway isciples-day eard-hay im-hay eak-spay,
and-ay ey-thay ollowed-fay Esus-jay.
1:38 En-thay Esus-jay urned-tay, and-ay aw-say em-thay ollowing-
fay, and-ay aith-say unto-ay em-thay, At-whay eek-say e-yay? Ey-
thay aid-say unto-ay im-hay, Abbi-ray, (ich-whay is-ay o-tay ay-
say, eing-bay interpreted-ay, Aster-may,) ere-whay ellest-dway ou-
1:39 E-hay aith-say unto-ay em-thay, Ome-cay and-ay ee-say. Ey-
thay ame-cay and-ay aw-say ere-whay e-hay elt-dway, and-ay
abode-ay ith-way im-hay at-thay ay-day: or-fay it-ay as-way
about-ay e-thay enth-tay our-hay.
1:40 One-ay of-ay e-thay o-tway ich-whay eard-hay Ohn-jay eak-
spay, and-ay ollowed-fay im-hay, as-way Andrew-ay, Imon-say
Eter's-pay other-bray.
1:41 E-hay irst-fay indeth-fay is-hay own-ay other-bray Imon-say,
and-ay aith-say unto-ay im-hay, E-way ave-hay ound-fay e-thay
Essias-may, ich-whay is-ay, eing-bay interpreted-ay, e-thay Ist-
1:42 And-ay e-hay ought-bray im-hay o-tay Esus-jay. And-ay en-
whay Esus-jay eheld-bay im-hay, e-hay aid-say, Ou-thay art-ay
Imon-say e-thay on-say of-ay Ona-jay: ou-thay alt-shay e-bay
alled-cay Ephas-cay, ich-whay is-ay y-bay interpretation-ay, A-ay
1:43 E-thay ay-day ollowing-fay Esus-jay ould-way o-gay orth-fay
into-ay Alilee-gay, and-ay indeth-fay Ilip-phay, and-ay aith-say
unto-ay im-hay, Ollow-fay e-may.
1:44 Ow-nay Ilip-phay as-way of-ay Ethsaida-bay, e-thay ity-cay
of-ay Andrew-ay and-ay Eter-pay.
1:45 Ilip-phay indeth-fay Athanael-nay, and-ay aith-say unto-ay
im-hay, E-way ave-hay ound-fay im-hay, of-ay om-whay Oses-may
in-ay e-thay aw-lay, and-ay e-thay ophets-pray, id-day ite-wray,
Esus-jay of-ay Azareth-nay, e-thay on-say of-ay Oseph-jay.
1:46 And-ay Athanael-nay aid-say unto-ay im-hay, An-cay ere-thay
any-ay ood-gay ing-thay ome-cay out-ay of-ay Azareth-nay? Ilip-
phay aith-say unto-ay im-hay, Ome-cay and-ay

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Jul 19, 2004
sorry can't help with translation, im just curious about a few things. Where did u get this literary piece? i aint got a clue what it is talkin about. What language is this anyway?
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Sep 02, 2004
OK I know its a bit late but I’ve translated the first bits but even in English it doesn’t really make sense...
1:1 In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God.
1:2 The same was in the beginning with God.
1:3 All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.
1:4 In him was life; and the life was the light of man.
1:5 And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.
etc etc etc
OK I’m getting bored now so I’ll stop
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Translation and explanation Sep 05, 2004
Hey people, here comes the answer to the "puzzle" above...

Come on, anyone with a little brains to solve a mystery can do this one... anyways, the text above is an extract of The Bible, God's Word sent to the people on Earth. God turned His Word into flesh, and it became Jesus Christ, the Savior. This is the symbolism of Christ being the Son of God, not as literary and physical as many idiots are led to believe. Christianity is much more spiritual, and the essence of Christianity is Jesus Christ, the Son of God, His Word.

The Verse explains the coming of Jesus Christ (the Light) into this world, witnessed by John:

1-1: In the beginning was the Word: the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
1-2: He was with God in the beginning.
1-3: Through Him all things came into being, no one thing came into being except through Him.
1-4: What has come into being through Him was life, life that was the light of men;
1-5: And light shines in darkness, and darkness could not overpower it.
1-6: A man came, sent by God. His name was John.
1-7: He came as a witness, to bear witness tothe light, so that everyone might believe through him.
1-8: He was not the light, he was to bear witness to the light.
1-9: The Word was the real light that gives light to everyone; he was coming into the world.
1-10: He was in the world that had come into being through him, and the world did not recognize him.
1-11: He came to his own and his own people did not accept him.

To read the rest of it, look at the Bible, under John. If you need further help, i'll try to check this page some time later and do what i can.

Thanx y'all!! God bless those who search for the truth..

DJ. 8)

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Sep 05, 2004
I didnt know 175bpm was so religious.



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Jun 21, 2005
Its called pig latin...transpose the first letter of each word to the end of the word and add 'ay'...seems most of you know this, but for those who wanted background info :)
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Jun 21, 2005
What a waste of time ........
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,.. Jun 21, 2005
ath-way aay ot-lay o-fay rap-cay!!!
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Jun 21, 2005
I think its required policy now that every second message must be in pig latin form...the mods will verify I'm sure...still whoever replies to this will want to play it safe and follow that guideline :P

Hmm might be fun to translate a word twice over
day = ayday = dayayay? and it could keep goin I think lol
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Jun 21, 2005
Please do not tell me the forum has been invaded by "god botherers".

Me and the BIG Man upstairs have an understanding, i don't bother him and he don't bother me. We get along fine.
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Jun 24, 2005
It bothers Him enough that He sent His only Son to die for you.

Now be nice and atleast say "Thank you".
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