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[b]Any women in Dubai on this forum[/b] Oct 13, 2004
Hello Ladies,

I would like to get to know a few ladies, who would be intersted in giving me a tour in Dubai. I was in Dubai a couple of weeks ago and did not know where to go or where the hotspot was. Some co-workers recommended Cyclone, so I went. I like dancing and that was the only place that I knew that had beautiful ladies but did not want to dance. Finally, I realized that it was not really a dance club, but a prostitute club.

I flew the coop. I was not interested in that type os services. I was looking forward to dancing with a beautiful lady but no luck. Anyway, I usually go to Dubai every 3-4 months on a business trip and would like to meet a woman or women who are interested in a good friendship with a Latino Gentlman from the U.S.

Email me at on my personal email at coramotion@yahoo.com . Hope to hear from you soon.

Thanks and Best Regards,


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Oct 17, 2004
hahahahahah niggga plzzzzzzzz hahahahah women on this forum are ugly fat but u know me, my moto is PUMP ANYTHING MOVIN so if u r that type u fake latino refugee then holla at me ill take u around tha city hahahahhahahahahah peee on u ma bad peace
tha don
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Oct 19, 2004
i know that u knew cyclone is a ho's joint even before u got into it but if the ho's didnt give u any play up in there cause *** general insults ***
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Dec 25, 2004
ur not serious are you? Man i think you shoulda read the shit u wrote before postin it, cos man does it sound sad! Take it easy. Girls don't like desperado's HAHAHAHA what a nerd?!
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