48th National Day

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48th National Day Nov 27, 2019
We are preparing activities for National Day celebration at Nursery. I wanted something authentic to UAE culture and went to ask marina police for sea shells, so that we can open them with parents and students. They promised.
Next I went to Maritime museum and asked for a boat. One small, hand-made boat for display only. One of two men promised not only boat but also to come and bring for display anything we want and also to do presentation to children in a professional way.
It sounded to good to be true but I believed anyhow. Then I told them proudly that I will get also seashells from police. The man offered to bring some special tool for opening shells and do it himself, 'as it is hard and need special sharp tool to open' - he explained.
I was left speechless and beyond happy.

And then next day Nursery sent an official e-mail requesting things for display and everything else the man promised. But Museum sent back explanation that "last year" some children somewhere damaged boats and some other things on display and they can't come to our place this year and bring anything.

And police never called to arrange for shells nor giving me contact number to call and ask. I got only one missed call but when i tried few times to call back nobody answered landline.

What to say after this all? As if it was MY OWN National day of my country and I asked people to help me celebrate it? It is their own National Day, it is for their own children who are 99% of their Nation (at Nursery) to have professional display and explanations for past activities and lifestyle.

And all I asked for was a little boat that looks same as big one displayed in backyard of Museum.

What it means celebration of Nation if people of Nation does not know what is promise, if they don't care to keep the word....what is culture then if there are no trustworthy people? Nation are people, not buildings or boats or equipments.... And that Nation failed their own pupils just because they are afraid of displays to be damaged.

One more day left. We are celebrating on 28th of November. Still I didn't give up to get at least seashells, but I lost a LOT of excitement for celebrating National Days in future...
And if we succeed to teach kids only one thing in life it would be worth: kindly to keep promises in life or not to give them at all.

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