HMC - Hilton Club Card...Avoid At Any Cost!

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HMC - Hilton Club card...Avoid at any cost! Aug 29, 2010

just to share with you a bad experience with these guys, they call you day and night to sell you this Hilton membership card (900 AED!). They have some free lunch vouchers for hotel distributed over the GCC and also have the card that gives you 20% discount.
My only question was whether the membership have any blackout dates, and the salesperson said of course not. You then give them general details of your credit card so that they send you the receipt to accept and sign. Immediately after, 2 things hapen, they do the transaction (without your signature), and they ship you the card and vouchers where you find blackout dates in the T&C's !! pure croc's work.

Be careful and watch out!

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