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Globaleye - Financial planning outfit May 06, 2009
Hi, new on here as partner has been offered some kind of position with this firm. All i can find on the net about them (apart from their website) is this less than encouraging "endorsement" :-

"A word of caution to anyone applying for a job in Dubai. Beware of a financial services company called Globaleye. They are looking to recruit people to become “Wealth Managers”; this is another word for Independent Financial Advisor. You do not have to have experience as their one week intensive course will “teach you everything”. On the course you are encouraged by one of Globaleye’s Vice Presidents to lie about your past, in other words never tell someone that you are new to the business. Instead you are instructed to make up a false C.V. and tell prospective clients that you have many years of experience in advising people where to invest their hard earned money. You are expected to work for no basic wage with commission only, supply your own computer and find your own accommodation which is expensive in Dubai when you are not earning a basic wage. You also have to bring with you a large list of prospective names that could become clients. You then have to cold call them to make appointments, oh sorry…..first the company sends them an e-mail so it’s not really a cold call. I have had a very bad experience with this company and want to warn others, and I am an experienced IFA."

Can some kind soul please either confirm or deny this. My very happiness might just depend on it, i thank you whole-heartedly in advance.

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May 23, 2009
This sounds like sour grapes. Globaleye have been in this region for over 10 years I believe and I have been a Client for 8 yrs; happy too. Your posting is conflicting since one minute you say they hire folk with no experience and next you say that you are experienced. Perhaps you did not make the grade ... this is not a professional way to air your grievances.
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May 23, 2009
...I've received at least 5 calls from them over the past 6 weeks. Every time a different agent and I have to tell them everytime again, hey, you just called me last week ... get's quite on the other side for a second ...really?

Yes really, and now please make a note into your system not to call me again please:-)
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Course Failure! Oct 07, 2009
My name is Andrew Tennant and I am the MD for Globaleye. I am responsible for the structure and running of the course that has been referred to below. It is unfortunate that this individual did not pass the course. I think this is the sad reason why he now feels he should try and write negative and untrue comments about the course and Globaleye. I apologise to all existing and potential clients for his behaviour. We have addressed this issue with the owners of this site but sadly they have not replied and arranged for this slanderous note to be removed.. Please feel free to contact me to discuss further if required.
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Global eye MD Oct 24, 2009
Is that the same Tennant that is accused of mis representing Castlestone? A lot of people lost a fortune because of Tennant.
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undefined Jun 03, 2014
It's all true. Nothing but hassle and misleading phone calls, and quick tempers when you try to tell them you are not interested.
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Re: Globaleye - Financial Planning Outfit Nov 26, 2015
Interesting information I found on DailyMail:
"Financial advisor: Stephen Evans, 30, of Warrington, was jailed for running a Ponzi scheme to make himself rich"

‘Between 2007 and 2010 Evans worked as a stockbroker and financial adviser for Globaleye Investment and One International in the United Arab Emirates.'

Source: ... idays.html

Also this might be interesting to some people:
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