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3M Car Tinting Experience 8 days ago
Well, I've been through the luckiest car care center in Dubai where i was looking to tint my
beauty Mercedes Benz A250 hatchback which is in classy white. Before going to lock the deal at a famous car tint workshop I google the best reviews-based 3M car center. I was pretty lucky that I found an amazing AutoCare center called Safa automotive they are based in al qouz - Dubai. Literally, at the very beginning, I was afraid from their pricing that maybe they gonna charge me much and will not give that quality of tinting service. But they are pretty professional in their working within 2 hours they did all tinting of my Benz and it looks so dam perfect. And of course, I would recommend to anyone go and experience their high-quality window tinting they are a renowned and 3M authorized car care center.

You can visit them:

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