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Voip antiblocking solution software and hardware Apr 19, 2010
Dear Manager & CEO,

Good day.

We are the professional provider of VoIP anti-blocking (hardware & software),And we have unique Security Solution which helps Wholesaler, ITSP and reseller to bypass VoIP Blockage.

VoiceGuard Products(software and hardware option)

VoiceGuard SPE VoIP Adapter (VGSPE) – VoIP anti-blocking ATA device which is available in 1 - 4 FXS & FXO ports;

VoiceGuard Border Controller (VGBC) – Hardware, support any brands of ATA/Gateway/IP Phone, such as Linksys PAP2;

VoiceGuard Standalone Client (VGSC) for Windows – Perform encryption for any brand of ATA/Gateway/IP Phone, such as Linksys PAP2, Grandstream gateway, IP Phone;

VoiceGuard Standalone Client Lite (VGSCLite) for Windows – Perform encryption for any brand of Softphone, such as X-Lite;

VoiceGuard Communicator (VGCommunicator) – Fully SIP compatible Softphone/Dialer for PC2Phone and PC2PC services;

VoiceGuard Client SDK (VGSDK) - Incorporate voip anti-blocking capability into existing legacy softphone and dialer running on Windows (Softphone/Dialer customization service is also available with VGSDK).

Compare with VPN

For online tutorial, please check:
http://www.speed-voip.com/download/manu ... VGSPE.html
http://www.speed-voip.com/download/manu ... /VGBC.html
http://www.speed-voip.com/download/manu ... CLite.html
http://www.speed-voip.com/download/manu ... /VGSC.html
http://www.speed-voip.com/download/manu ... cator.html

Also we have core technology for VoIP anti-blocking solutions named Voice Guard.

It helps you to bypass the ISP block VoIP.

Compared with VPN, our solution has such advantages:

1. Our solution isn't blocked, because it does not use fixed port either for TCP or UDP.While VPN use standard port so it is blocked easily.
2. VoiceGuard solution is a proprietary layer 2 lin k protocol,it's a class security protocol whose scalability and flexibility results in not to compromise voice quality and overhead.
3. VoiceGuard for anti-blocking can work with any 3rd party: gateway/IAD/ATA/Softphone/IPphone and so on. It means that you can use any existing ATA e.g.: Linksys PAP2, and add our VGBC for anti-blocking, then you can make call from PC2Phone. Our VG plug-in can work with any SIP Server like VPS.
4. VoiceGuard don't like some competitors which take effect on their own device and softswitch.
5. VoiceGuard can solve VoIP termination blocking issue by make two-way encryption, simulate traffic behavior of universal data working protocol such as OICQ, MSN and so on.
6. VoiceGuard anti-blocking SDK for softphone/Dialer can help ITSP and reseller to make high quality calls in ISP blocking VoIP countries. No time limited. One time investment, running for ever.

Have a nice day.

Any queries pls contact me freely.
Thanks & best regards

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