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Ras al khaimah Free zone Aug 09, 2016
Contact Person : IMRAN
Mobile : +971563849356

The Ras Al Khaimah International Airport has been in operation since 1976 and lies 11 miles (18km) south of the city’s center. Its position, which is latitude 25° 36N, longitude 55° 56E, places it in close proximity to the village of Digdaga. Although the Ras Al Khaimah Free Trade Zone Authority was incorporated just four years ago, it has licensed in excess of 410 companies that come from 33 countries around the world. This is a figure that is increasing at a rapid rate.

Ras Al Khaimah Free Trade Zone is the youngest of the UAE’s free trade zones, but it has already built a strong international reputation. This reputation is the product of in-depth research, planning, and development that resulted in the introduction of an innovative, three park concept that was the first of its kind in the UAE, and in fact, in the entire region. This uniquely designed Free Trade Zone also allows for the provision of state of the art business facilities for RAK FTZ investors in other Emirates.

As the number of Free Zones in the UAE and around the region increases, the Ras Al Khaimah Free Trade Zone will strive to continue its sound policy of sourcing as well as attracting environmentally conscious, reputable investors. These investors represent a wide variety of fields including everything from service to industrial and manufacturing sectors. A particularly high amount of emphasis is placed on making this Free Trade Zone attractive to investors in the technology industry.

All three parks are regularly undergoing major expansion projects and this will continue into the future. The next several years will hold targeted development and expansion within RAK FTZ that caters to the needs of individual investors in each of the three separate parks. Also targeted for the future is further development of premier business facilities within other Emirates. This will ensure that all of our investors can be offered a total marketing solution and that everything necessary for their business to succeed in the Ras Al Khaimah Free Trade Zone is at their fingertips.

Facilities offered
Warehouse / Light Industrial Units
200 m2
Executive offices
(Minimum 18 m2)
Plot of land 5,000 m2)
Rental per annum US$ 10,908
(AED 40,000)
US$ 5,890
(AED 21,600)
US$ 16,362
(AED 60,000)
Lease Period One year, annually renewable One year, annually renewable 5-15 years; renewable for similar period
Possible legal entities Branch of foreign company
(Including offshore company)
Branch of a UAE company Free zone establishment
Free zone company
Capital-cash physical None None * US$ 27,270
AED 100,000
*US$ 27,270
AED 100,000
No of shareholders One Min 2, Max 5
Formation fee None None US$ 1,909
AED 7,000
US$ 1,909
AED 7,000
Types of licenses issued Commercial
(Maximum 7 similar line of products)
Commercial – General trading Consulting Service Real Estate license Industrial
License fee US$ 818
AED 3,000
US$ 4,091
AED 15,000
US$ 2,045
AED 7,500
US$ 4,091
AED 15,000
US$ 1,364
AED 5,000
Business Segments Import, Export, manufacturing, processing, assembling, packaging, distribution, consolidation, storage, different kind of services unless otherwise restricted by federal or local authorities.
Port facilities
Ras Al Khaimah port (Mina Saqr), Ras Al Khaima Airport\\shahbaz\HORWATH 12\fujarah.htm

Ownership 100%
Visas Visas are issued on the basis of the size of the office space leased. However, no restriction for industrial / aseembly units operating in pre-built warehouse and lease land
Company formation period Licensing within 48 hours upon approval for Trading, Assembling and warehousing licensing for manufacturing upon the approval of agreement for premises. * Minimum capital requirement for General Trading and Real Estate license is US$ 136,352 (AED 500,000)
Other facilities available are: shared office, Flexi office, Flexi desk warehouses in different sizes are also available.
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