Palestine BUsinessmen To Invest In UAE

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Palestine BUsinessmen to invest in UAE Jul 20, 2016
Palestine Development and Investment Company - Padico Holding, an investment holding group that controls a number of companies across a range of sectors in Palestine, has been active in supporting entrepreneurship in the country. Its pioneering Tamayyaz programme, implemented in partnership with a group of civil society organisations and international institutions, offers skills development trainings to Palestinian students to enable them to enter the labour market.
"One of the most prominent strengths of the entrepreneurial community in Palestine is the skilled human capital and their ability to challenge and persevere, in addition to the high education ratio in the country,” Hulileh says. “Furthermore, the difficult political conditions experienced by Palestinians refined their personalities and made them more capable of dealing with political volatility and unfavourable conditions, thus becoming creative and innovative from scratch.
“Various successful ideas and projects, introduced by Palestinian entrepreneurs, have proved to be highly competitive at both regional and international levels, such as the IT and social media projects as well as the development of applications and media platforms that introduce the Palestinian cause.
“Palestinian entrepreneurs have also been successful in developing small agricultural projects, such as poultry and livestock, due to the low cost and short project life cycle of such projects. One significant project implemented by young entrepreneurs in the agricultural sector is mushroom cultivation. Due to the high quality, their products have been in high demand in the Palestinian market, competing with Israeli mushrooms.”
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