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Looking for a business partner in Dubai: software products Dec 20, 2004
To Whom it may concern,

I work for a software development company in South Africa called Acuo Technologies. We specialise in mobile software development, on both Microsoft. NET and Linux platforms.

Acuo has developed a number of products, namely:

A pre-paid virtual top-up system for the South African cellphone industry, covering all the cellular networks. The system, allows a mobile service provider’s customers to purchase airtime through a website, and an integrated voice response system. The system is designed for individual and corporate clients and customers are billed by credit card, debit card or debit order.

A mobile application to facilitate rapid, low cost, two-way communication between a server at head office and a pocket device (PDA) used by field staff. Field staff are tasked to attend to customer queries. The system improves field staff productivity, lowers communication costs, and enhances customer satisfaction.

A voter’s registration system, incorporating biometrics to ensure the integrity of the voters roll data base. In third world countries where no national ID register exist it is imperative to include an additional measure, i.e. biometrics. Acuo has a contract to supply such a system and is actively marketing the product to other countries.

If you or your organisation are interested in assisting Acuo with the sale of these systems in the United Arab Emirates, please respond to this message.

Yours faithfully

Andrew Nelson
(for Acuo Technologies)

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