Jebel Ali Free Zone Company Formation

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jebel ali free zone company formation Aug 09, 2016
Contact Person : IMRAN
Mobile : +971563849356

Horwath Mak Business Consultants offers you all information about the formation of Company in Jebel Ali Free Zone. Some of the strengths of Jebel Ali Free Zone are that it offers you complete repatriation of capital and profits, Exemption from corporate and income taxes for a period of 50 years, minimal restrictions. No local partner required. No labor & staff restrictions, excellent port facilities, warehouses, office space, and factories are available for lease.
The Free Zone is located 35 kilometers southwest of Dubai city and is built around the world's largest man-made port. It covers 100 square kilometers, of which about 30 percent has been leased. Most companies are set up to re-export goods through Dubai to other markets, the largest being Iran and India.

Companies can be formed in Jafza the following different ways:
• Free Zone Establishment (FZE)
• Free Zone Company (FZCO)
• FZE and FZCO applicants can avail of Jafza's unique offer of forming an established company with separate legal entity
• Branch company applications for any country having valid registration and license outside Jebel Ali, as well as a branch of a local company.
• Jafza Offshore, which enjoys tax haven status and several double taxation treaties signed between the UAE and the world, allowing the ownership of free hold properties in the UAE.
Facilities offered
Office Units
Warehouse / Light Industrial Units
Port of Land
Standard Unit Multi – Storeyed Total Area Warehouse / LIU Area Office Area Minimum 2,500 m2
26.88m2 No space restriction 556 m2
313 m2
510 m2
267 m2
46 m2
46 m2

Rent per Annum US$ 12,272 US$ 491-600 / m2 US$ 53,177 (AED 195,000)
US$ 59,995 (for high power)AED 220,000
US$ 32,724 (AED 120,000)
US$ 5.45 – 21.82/m2
Lease period One year, annually renewable One year, annually renewable Upto Fifty Years
Possible legal entities Branch of a Foreign company
(Including offshore company)
Branch of a UAE company Free zone
Free zone company
Capital – cash None None US$ 272,703
AED 1,000,000)
US$ 136,352
AED 500,000
No of share holders None None One Min 2 x Max 5
Formation fee US $ 1,364
AED 5,500
US$ 1,364
AED 5,500
US$ 2,727
AED 10,000
US$ 4,091
AED 15,000
Types of licenses issued Trading * General Trading Service Logistics Industrial National
License Fee US$ 1,500 US$ 8,187 US$ 2,182 US$ 8,187 US$ 1,500 US$ 1,500
Business Segment Number of activities is restricted
* General trading license is issued only on a case to case basis
A company can obtain additional license with different activities and operated under different names
Port facilities Jebel Ali port, Port Rashid, Dubai Airport
Visas Pre-built office: 4 nos.
Multi-storeyed, Depends on space leased (80 Sq. ft per person)
Pre-built warehouse : 20 nos
Facility on leased land: Depends on requirement and subject to EHS compliance
Time span 20-30 days
Other info Sublease of leased land is allowed for sister company/s provided the existing company or shareholder is the major shareholder in the sub-lease company. JAFZA charges an annual fee of US$ 5,454 (AED 20,000) for sub-lease.
Warehouse units and buildings constructed on leased land are subject to a public health levy which is charged at 2% on annual rental at a maximum of AED 10,000
5% of office and warehouse rental is charged as one time deposit.
For factories fee for Industrial Effluent Disposal shall be US$ 6,812 (AED 25,000) for the first connection, then calculated at US$ 1.4 (AED 5.00) per 1000 imperial gallons for discharge into the marine environment using Free zone drainage lines.
Industrial license holding companies should hold separate license for trading activity.
JAFZA has created 8 industry specific zones in the South Zones Viz. Dubai Distribution cenre, Digital valley, Construction square, Pharma-Med Park, Chemical and Plastic field, Paper pack zone, Fragrance and Beauty park, Food and Beverage Park.
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