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How to Make Money Online Jan 18, 2009
The best way I know to make money online is to sell a product as an affilliate and earn huge commisions. Here are some tips to help you along the way

1. Advertising. Whether you want to make money online or offline, you need to be able to advertise. It doesn't matter what you're selling if you can't get people to come and see it...right?

2. Niche. Listen, you can't sell something to everyone. It's better to have a small group of people who love you and will buy from you all the time, rather than marketing to the general public. So choose a niche that you like and become their hero.

3. Autoresponder. That's basicaly a device that allows you to keep in touch with the people who come to your site. People want to have a relationship with you first before they invest in your product so an autoresponder gives you the ability to build a great relationship first then make money from your list.

4. Have Goals. Not having goals is just dumb. Really. It's like getting in a car and driving for a year without knowing where you're heading. So always have goals for the important things in your life.

5. TAKE ACTION. Nothing happens without action. Simple as that. Whether you feel ready or not...take action. Don't wait till everything is perfect. Just MOVE. Action is the MOST important ingredient to your success. a Monkey who takes action is more valuable than a Harvard Grad who sits and does nothing with the knowledge.

Hope this helps....


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