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Get International Loans and Expand Your Business? May 27, 2013

Welcome to the international loan opportunity, we are a agent at the biggest loan providing company. Basically we work for huge loans that who need loans for his company/project to expand his business.

Terms and conditions by the company:

We offering private, commercial/business, start-up project, waste treatment, hospital project, mining funds, hotels development, energy solar parc / oil equity, real state, agro venture loans and investment offers with very minimal annual interest rates as low as 5% (on loans) and negotiable on investment offers within one (1) year to ten (10) years repayment duration period.

We will consider applications from companies, institutions, and individuals for loans of between $20,000.00 and up to a maximum of $2,000,000,000.00. Loans can be for any genuine project and especially those that have a humanitarian element to them.

Loan eligibility:

* Beneficiary/borrower must have a valid bank account that can receive direct debit.

* Beneficiary/borrower must be over 25 years of age (for personal).

* Must be employed/receive a regular salary income.

* The loan repayment duration should not exceed the payment time frame.

* Our loan repayment duration is 10 years maximum and no minimum.

* The loan repayment will be made on any feasible monthly repayment not exceeding 10 years.

* The loan must be registered and both parties (lender and beneficiary) will sign the loan agreement sheet which will be prepared by our attorney and must be adhered to.

In case of loss of income, loss of job, some serious illness etc, we will consider such clients and extend his or her repayment plan.

Documents required in obtaining our loan:

* Means of identification (ie international passport, driver's license, company id or any other form of identification).

* Certificate of incorporation (limited liabilities).

* Proof of earning.

* Evidence of tax clearance.

* Birth certificate (optional).

We request additional document(s) from her clients depending on the loan.

Loan process duration: the loan process is graduated into five (5) simple steps:

1. Application.

2. Verification of identity and collateral if applicable.

3. Signing of loan documents.

4. Payment of registration fee and completion of registration process.

5. Swift transfer of loan sum to borrowers nominated account.

Investment process: the investment process is graduated into six (6) simple steps:

1. Application.

2. Verification of identity, company registration, financial claims.

3. Signing of contract.

4. Supervision of project.

5. Payment of closing cost.

6. Wire of investment funds.

The loan processing will take a maximum period of one (1) to two (2) weeks depending on how fast the borrower can move with the steps of the loan. We serve your financial needs better, make business comfortable for you and take your business to the next level. All international loans must be registered with the internal revenue service and the loan registration attracts a fee which must be paid by the borrower, this is the loan registration fee and this is in accordance with the governing laws of the lending party country.

Agent: Application from and document creation upfront fees is $5000 (We will send you also details). After submitted application, the loan providing company will contact with you and review to approved your loans and you will get 100% cash with your company/project bank AC, keep in mind that if you can proof your company/project/earning then loans are 100% granted that you are getting. If you are unable to proof with their Terms and conditions! Do not proceed!

Regards, J. Bryan Vun (Email: loanhelpagent"dot" gmail "dot" com)

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Re: Get International Loans And Expand Your Business? Jul 31, 2013
we require loan for our recycling alumunium plant. i alredy send you an email. pls contact on provided phone or email address 00971504504170 or
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