Steps To Start A Business In Dubai

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Steps to Start A Business in Dubai Aug 21, 2014
1. Select a local sponsor for local business startup – Need of a UAE National

You need to get acquainted with the various facts associated with business startup Dubai and avoid the problems mostly encountered while launching a profitable enterprise in the UAE.

There are plenty of business opportunities available in Dubai, as well as in the entirety of UAE. However, if you really want to start a business which must exploit the potential of Dubai then you need a locally registered LLC business.

A UAE national must be taken as a 51% partner who is called a local sponsor. A local company provides the freedom to locate the business anywhere in the city. For a business startup Dubai this is a boon because it affords the best choice of locations to suit your budget.

A sponsor must be paid a yearly fee which can be negotiated. Do develop a rapport with your sponsor so that he is ready to help you in sorting out any problems you may face along the way with authorities.

2. Select a Free Zone if you wish to own your business 100%

Keep in mind that the only way for a business startup Dubai in UAE to start without taking a local UAE national acting as your partner is to locate your business startup Dubai in one of the Free Zones – which is practically not suited to businesses that must be in the city markets like restaurants and retail stores.

Not to mention the fact that purchase or rental in a Free Trade Zone district might be high for your budget to handle.

For a business startup Dubai Free Zone offers three great advantages – 100% ownership, Speedy start up, Duty Free customs boundary.

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3. Select a Location that optimizes suitability, convenience and costs

Another important step in planning a business startup Dubai is to determine the most suitable location for the business. Setting up a profit-based enterprise in the city wouldn’t do you much good despite the growing economy if you’re customers or clients can’t reach you.

You need to set up your business in an area that is most profitable for your business or most convenient to your business. A location in the city can be selected for a shop or an office most known for the type of product or service you are dealing with.

If you are planning a Free Zone company then you must be make the selection based upon the criteria of distance, costs and if it is suitable for your product, business model and trade requirements.

A tenancy contract must be concluded. If you’re aiming to start a small-scale enterprise, then the basic amenities, like telecommunication, storage, and space inside the establishment is the basic concern that must also be satisfied. Other services available in the commercial property can vary greatly.

4. Confirm your Visa eligibility and requirement

For a business startup in the UAE a visa permitting you and employees to live in UAE is essential to run the business in Dubai.

Business Startup Dubai | 5 Do’s and Don’ts to Make Your Business Profitable

Visas are allowed for almost all businesses.

However their number varies according to a variety of criteria such as the size of the office, nature of business, category of the employee or the investor.

If your business startup Dubai is a local company then you definitely need to work with your sponsor to get your visas – at least the first time.

Business visa application in Dubai is not as strict as most would think since the bureaucracy is quite open to foreign investors planning to set up shop in the city — any business is good business is the motto here.

However, you need to have your sponsor apply a visa for you as the investor of the business startup Dubai.

Aside from your passport and other legal requirement, a letter is also needed from your sponsor to highlight his or her, or your personal information, reason for the visa application, and the likes before processing.

Subsequently you may be allowed to apply for the visas of your employees if your sponsor agrees to give you the authority.

5. Hire a business consultant to take you through the process of Business startup

Hiring a business advisory firm to register your business startup Dubai may be an optional road for you to take; however, as a foreign investor you are strongly advised to engage the services of local business set up advisories like Varal LLC.

These consultants not only hold your hand right thru the setting up process but also actually does the company set up for you.

A business startup Dubai may find their expertise in dealing with the local government bureaucracy, with Free Zone Authorities to be of great help in planning and itemizing the process business startup

In most cases, these firms offer a team of experts to plan out your investment from scratch — this includes the strategies you need to follow in order to smoothly set up your business, itemizing potential costs, offering financial options, coming up with solutions with potential business hurdles, and so on.

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