How Do "normal" People Afford To Live Here?

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How do "normal" people afford to live here? Sep 26, 2008
My friend and I have been thinking about moving to Dubai but looking at the rental market I can't understand how anyone affords to live there.

He would be able to get a well paid job but I am looking at "normal" jobs, unless you all house share, what are the options?????

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Sep 29, 2008
er not much, that's pretty much it, house sharing or living somewhere crappy.
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Oct 05, 2008
hahha, so true. i am asking myself the same question during the last few days.

but even sharing appartments seems to be a tough job! "female exec. wanted", "discrete", "bed share",... very unique coming from austral-asia
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Nov 24, 2008
There are new rules in Dubai now. It is difficult to share apartments anymore. A lot of ppl with normal income or low income will be affected.

My fren is staying in Bur Dubai and last week, Dubai Police came and did a spot check on all the apartments. A lot have been given warning to evacuate all the people who shares accomodation.

It is getting more complicated now in Dubai.
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Dec 20, 2008
Does not depend on the income...,, unless u take a flat or villa for urself-- u r still at risk.... munciplaity can knock ur door ... anytime of the day....even if one stays at a studo or hall, with private entrance, but shares the same villa with other people--u r still sharing, so breaking the rules..... Now tha question is-- to take risks and stay in a nice area with nice neighbours, or to be an idiot and take a flat in stinky International City or some Dubai Marina, and give 1 check for 12 months ahead?........ But I don't need a 1b/r flat in dubai marina for my own(can afford), and do not want to live in International city or bur duabi paying 80 K as a minimum ...per year...... absolutely stupid rules!!!
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