Can Unmarried Couples Buy A Property Together In Dubai?

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Can unmarried couples buy a property together in Dubai? Jul 13, 2008
Can anyone help?

Can unmarried couples buy a property together? if so, are they both entitled to a residency visa? Can you look for work with a residency visa?

Please help i'm confused!

Kind Regards


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Jul 15, 2008
Hey there...

Yes, you can both buy a property even though you are unmarried.
you are both eligible for a residence visa if there is a visa applicable on the property by the government.

However, a residence visa from the property does not entitle you to work in dubai which means that you need to cancel the residence visa, look for a company to sponsor you and get them to apply for a work permit on your behalf so that you can get the residence visa.

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Jul 16, 2008
Incorrect. Owning a property entitles you to 'apply' for a residence visa, there is no guarantee it will be granted, plus they are still deciding on this at the moment.

However if you are granted a residency visa with the property, you do not need to cancel it. Any company you work for will just have to apply for a labour card/work permit for you. You would not have to be on the comapny's residence visa.
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Aug 27, 2008
ziad wrote:you are both eligible for a residence visa if there is a visa applicable on the property by the government.

That may not be correct. I have a contract which says only the first named buyer can apply for a visa.

And as C says, you are not eligible for a visa, you are eligible to apply for a visa. The Immigration Department decides if you get one (it's always been this way).

As unmarried couple you would just be treated as joint property owner. If you split up, don't expect a court here to recognise any defacto property claim.
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Sep 05, 2008
BONK is correct in all freezone developments only the first named person on the sales contract can apply for a Res Visa.

IF you are unmarried then the second named person can never get a visa.
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