Registering A Company In The UAE, Free Zone, Dubai, RAK

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Registering a company in the UAE, free zone, dubai, RAK Nov 10, 2010
Would anybody mind shedding some light on this issue? I have consulted a couple of lawyers, and also called government agencies but haven't quite sorted it out yet.

I would like to startup a marketing consultancy, individual shareholder, and i have a local ready to sponsor so that is not an issue. I know the office space requirements, but have a couple questiosn

1: What is the CHEAPEST method possible, i don't need office space to be honest, and only have a handful of employees, so the smallest office space will do just to meet requirements

2: If i register in a free zone i can still do business in the UAE (as bizarre as that is). However, where do i go about finding information on registering in free zones in dubai or Ras al Khaimah

Thanks for the help in advance!

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Re: Registering A Company In The UAE, Free Zone, Dubai, RAK Nov 10, 2010
Try the Rak Free Zone, just pay about around 30k ish they will do the rest, no need for sponsor or renting space etc etc. Its all inclusive.
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