Got A Job Offer From Dubai Expo

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Got a job offer from Dubai Expo Aug 05, 2015
A couple of months ago I signed up on the Expo 2020 website, with 0 expectations.
They sent an email to me a few days ago asking for my CV and i sent it to them.
Next thing i know i was offered a position with average salary and benefits, which seem good for me since i have been jobless for a year.
The thing that is bothering me they didn't conduct a formal video interview before the offering. They sent me a MS Word questionnaire that had interview sort of questions.
Now i have to sign an acceptance letter so that they can send me appointment letter and visa details etc.

I am not here to brag or anything but i have a few concerns about this offer.
Is that how the hiring is done in UAE? and coming from a big and new company .. it just looks weird to me.

I dont know how authentic their process is.. because if i take it and come to Dubai then what kind of people i will be working with? I dont want to just go and come back with disappointment sooner than later.

i guess what i need is some guidance and probably some assurance with this whole process from the expats living there.

Thank you

Edited: The emails are coming from ... tell me if its authentic

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