Can I Lift Ban By Paying Fine While Joining New Company

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Can i Lift Ban by paying fine while joining new company May 16, 2009
My company is not paying me full salary as per contract since last 3 months. I have not signed any acceptance of reduced salary. So i want to leave my present company and join new company. I have offer on hand of new company. Also i am approaching the law for this. So naturay i will not be working here any more. so i w ill be banned for 6 months when i leave this company.

So is it possible to lift the ban by paying fine as i have heard one can do it. ...... please help .... anybody who has done like that could provide me with some information .....

I need information urgently as i have only 8 days to decide.

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May 16, 2009
You should file a complaint with the labour department. Then at least there's a record of the issue. That may make a difference with the ban.

I thought the ban lifting fee was no longer an option but I've heard mention of it again recently. Ask the labour department.
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May 17, 2009
to remove the ban you should have a "no objection letter" from your current company and pay a fee of Dhs. 5000+ (depending on the profession) at Minstry.
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