How Long Drive From Dubai To Riyadh?

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how long drive from dubai to riyadh? Jun 22, 2013
how long drive from dubai to riyadh by road can anypne tell me about this question. i need urgent reply. next year i am also moving to dubai and after moving i want to get each and every information.

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Re: How Long Drive From Dubai To Riyadh? Jan 23, 2014
Did it in nine hours, there is an alternative to the common route. Use the signals truck drivers give you to be safer and spend less time queuing as when we're driving up behind a truck, we flash them, they signal us to remain behind them if they see an approaching car on the opposite lane by signaling towards them.. they'll switch to the other direction when the coast is clear. Within the UAE there are stretches of road with fewer gas station than is expected, so refuel as much as possible between the UAE border and Dubai. Found some great hotel deals at the border, strange place to get a good deal, but nonetheless it is worth checking out if you can alter your lodging.
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