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Dubai Home Villa Office IT Support Wireless Setup WIFI Rang Nov 26, 2017 ... rcamp.html
IT support/Consulting at Home/Small Office/Home Office
Any Kind of Router , ASUS , Linksys , Belkin,WRT , Tplink ,Airport express,Time Capsule,Airport Extreme,Mikrotik
Setup airplay for your Apple device mirror your music from Itune to speaker via airport express or sonos
Sonos via Network and control your sound system via WIFI anywhere in the home
Any Kind Of printer like HP , samsung via USB or WIFI , LAN
Domain /Email registering , Google Apps setup with your current Domain
CABLING solutions- wire your Villa/Small Office for networking.
Fix MAC slow performance /Clean your MAC / Help you to backup the MAC book pro
Extend range of your Wireless network using range extender ,
Port Forwarding for Games on playstation
Antivirus installation configuration and fix your PC
Removing Virus/Worms/Trojans/Spyware/Malware
Limit Bandwidth for Maid or Guest using special router
Fix your Desktop/PC/Laptop if it is working slowly.Clean unwanted files, fix registry & remove corrupted registry entry
Setup NAS with Plex , amazon fire TV , stream your video to your TV with same Network
Amazon Fire TV Setup
Outlook backup and restore/transferring outlook backup from old laptop to new laptop
Securely connect between 2 offices. and share files for database via internet
Troubleshoot your Office Network and consulting, Fully Automated backup Solution ,Raid
Attendence System for your company in Dubai
Complete the Form and i will get back to you as soon as possible
PLS CALL : 0556789741 :bounce:

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