IPhone 3G Custom Boot Screen, Metallic Faceplate

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iPhone 3G custom boot screen, metallic faceplate Sep 21, 2008
Your thoughts please:

I want to list an iPhone 3G 8GB or 16GB white or black new or used.

I will upgrade the iPhone to the 2.1 firmware (latest)

I will customize the boot screen to show the buyer's name and contact information or picture instead of the apple screen when the phone starts up.

I will update the baseband to run smooth in dubai.

I'll install MMS applications and installer applications.

The phone will also have a metallic shell over its default skin. the shell color will be metallic, red, brushed steel, platinum colored or 24K gold.

I'll have to ship the iPhone from PHOENIX, Arizona. It will reach there in 1-3 days. It wont be an additional cost to the buyer. There will be a tracking number included.

Interested people please reply.

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