UAE Invest Bank Hacked

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UAE Invest Bank Hacked Dec 03, 2015
According to this article the UAE Invest Bank was hacked and account information was published online. ... cker-buba/

Anyone has an account with Invest Bank? How is the bank managing the hack?

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undefined Dec 06, 2015
Hi AndyBa

Hope all is well.

This has nothing to do with the above post but this is the only way I can find of speaking to you.

In 2008 my personal details were put on the jobs forum and I need them removed as they can still be found and my credit report has highlighted it as a possible identity fraud risk. How would I go about getting the post removed. I have the link for it but do not want to put it on a public post??

Many thanks
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Re: UAE Invest Bank Hacked Dec 15, 2015
Great share ... It is really true ???
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