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World Religions Dec 15, 2008
World Religions

If anyone says that his/her religion is the only path to God and that other paths lead to hell, I have one humble question. The question is for every religion without any trace of partiality. The simple question is: Today I have heard your Religion and if I follow that, I reach God and if I refuse I will go to the hell for my own fault. This is very much reasonable. But before your ancestors discovered our country, the literature or even the name of your religion was not known to our ancestor and he could not reach God for no fault of him. But your ancestor reached God through your religion at that time.

Even if I assume that my ancestor will take rebirth now and will follow your religion to reach God, such possibility is ruled out because you say that there is no rebirth for the soul. Thus my ancestor suffered forever for no fault of him and the responsibility for this falls on the partiality of God. Had the God been impartial, He could have revealed your religion to all the countries at a time. Had that happened, my ancestor might have also reached God as your ancestor. Therefore your statement proves your own God partial.

The only way left over to you to make your God impartial is that you must accept that your God appeared in all the countries at a time in various forms and preached your path in various languages. The same form did not appear everywhere and the same language does not exist everywhere. The syllabus and explanation are one and the same, though the media and teachers are different. Can you give any alternative reasonable answer to my question other than this? Certainly not! Any person of any religion to any other religion can pose this question.

Moreover every religion states that their God only created this world. Unfortunately this world is one only and every God cannot create the same world. There are no many worlds to justify that each God created His own world. Therefore any human being with an iota of commonsense has to agree that there is only one impartial God who created this one world and He came in different forms to different countries and preached the same path in all the languages simultaneously at one time.

Let this logic sword of the divine knowledge cut the rigid conservatism of the religious fans in this world to establish the Universal Peace. I need not beg all these religious followers to be united and harmonious to each other for the sake of world peace. Such begging appeals are made enough in the past. The religious fans feel that there is no unity really in the religions but they have to be united since their kind hearts melted by these appeals. Thus a temporary change was only brought. At the maximum one generation of the followers got united. The next generation fights with each other because they feel that there is no real unity in them due to lack of the real unity in their religious scriptures.

A permanent solution for this does not lie in the begging appeals, which may or may not unite the followers. Even if the appeals unite such unity is not permanent. If the real unity in all the religious scriptures is exposed through the logical divine knowledge, the followers have to be united for generations together. Therefore, My attack is not on the hearts of the followers through love and kindness. My attack is on all the religious scriptures through intellectual logical analysis of divine knowledge. The unity of hearts through love can be only temporary. The unity of brains through intellectual analytical divine knowledge will be permanent. Hearts agree but brains realize. Agreement is temporary, but realization is permanent. Thus this is My first blow of My divine Conch shell for the permanent unity of all the religions aiming at eternal Universal Peace.

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Jan 12, 2009
God is above all. Following the deed of God humanity can get the ultimate peace and harmony.
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Spiritual life Vs Worldly life Jan 19, 2009
bhomes wrote:God is above all. Following the deed of God humanity can get the ultimate peace and harmony.

The materialistic field (Pravrutti) consists of the day-to-day interactions. The spiritual field (Nivrutti) consists of the interaction with the Lord. Both these fields are quite opposite like darkness and light. Veda says the same (Duramete Vipareete Vishuchi). This means that Pravrutti and Nivrutti are like North and South poles. They are opposite in the direction.

The goal of the Pravrutti is the happiness of this body and your family members, fame, riches, etc. This goal is temporary and one has to struggle every time in an atmosphere with lot of risk. The goal of Nivrutti is permanent and there is no struggle and risk. The Pravrutti is like doing a job and getting salary every month. If you do not work the salary is stopped.

Nivrutti is like getting interest on the fixed deposit and you work without any binding. The Lord is one and the same for both the fields and acts as the controller for both. But the nature of Lord differs in these two fields. In the field of Pravrutti the Lord is strict and follows the rules of justice. In the field of Nivrutti the Lord is very kind and shows love in solving your problems even without your knowledge.

Now you want to bring the advantage of Nivrutti into Pravrutti. You want to have the result of Nivrutti while keeping yourself in Pravrutti. People in the materialistic field pray God to solve their problems related to this world.
The Lord has invented a way for this line also. He will solve your problems based on your prayers. But He will postpone your evil results to the next birth or to the hell (if the rebirth is not believed) with increased interest. He will draw the good results from the future birth with decreased interest like a pre-matured deposit and hand over to you as happiness. You think that your evil result is cancelled and the good result is given to you without doing the good deed. If it is done in that way the justice is insulted.

Only a rearrangement of the deeds in the wheel (Karma Chakra) is done. By this your future births become full of difficulties and you will scold God in those births. However, if you are not bothered about the future and is particular of the present only such rearrangements are done by the Lord. In the case of some people the prayers are not answered because there is no possibility of even such rearrangement. All the good deeds got exhausted and therefore God keeps silent. You are unnecessarily attached to the enthusiasm in the materialistic field, which consists of bonds with your body and your family members.

These bonds are neither before this birth nor will exist after this birth. They are temporary and therefore, unreal. All your anxiety and enthusiasm is for unreal bonds. This truth will be known if you do the analysis through Vedanta, which is called as ‘Sadasat Viveka’ by Sankara, which means the discrimination of reality from the false-hood. Thus the materialistic field has strict and limited boundaries and you cannot cross the justice.

There is no element of love and kindness in its real sense. If you however get full detachment from this unreality and attach yourself to the reality (God), you have entered the field of Nivrutti. In this field you will have the only real bond with the real God. In such case the Lord crosses the boundaries of justice and attains the nature of complete love and kindness. In this line you are not aspiring for any happiness and your happiness lies only in the happiness of the Lord. You are prepared to undergo any misery if that pleases the Lord. You will realize that the sole aim in your manufacture itself is the entertainment of the Lord. In that state the Lord also becomes your true reflection. He will behave in such a way to maintain your happiness forever. For that, He will undergo all the misery, which is the result of all your evil deeds. As you are prepared for the misery to please the Lord, the Lord is prepared for the misery to please you. In this field people think that the materialistic field is spoiled. It is utter foolishness.

In Pravrutti you have gained ten rupees. In Nivrutti you have gained one hundred and ten rupees but lost the ten rupees in Pravrutti. Therefore, the loss in Pravrutti is very much compensated in Nivrutti. You will find wonders in the materialistic field. All your day-to-day interactions will be so perfect, which will amaze not only yourself but also the entire world. It is a very far superior level. You will be unable to tolerate the benefits of the materialistic field, which will fall on you as mountains.

His real devotee is neither insulted in this world nor in the upper world. Your file in the hell is completely closed. Your route is entirely different and leads to the permanent abode of God. The route of the pure materialistic person is towards hell and heaven. Even from the heaven he has to return back into this world where the atmosphere is risky again and you have to overcome the attraction from sin to do good social service. The result of your social service is temporary heaven only. Both these roads are clearly different as said in Gita (Sukla Krishna Gathee….).
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Feb 04, 2009
erm what about the other people, and i think hindus, who have many gods, its sort uniting the monotheist religions against the other groups =s sorta sounds like a bad idea to me!
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Why God expressed in different forms in Hinduism? Feb 04, 2009
ashjgb wrote:erm what about the other people, and i think hindus, who have many gods, its sort uniting the monotheist religions against the other groups =s sorta sounds like a bad idea to me!

Why did God express Himself in different forms in a single Hindu religion in India?
In the universe, God expressed Himself in a single form in every religion. In Christianity, there is only one expressed form i.e. Jesus. In Islam, there is only one expressed form i.e. Allah or Mohammad. But in Hindu religion, there are different expressed forms of God like Vishnu, Shiva etc. Diversity in the forms of God is only the first point in Hindu religion. The next point is the unity in all these forms that also exists in Hindu religion. People criticize the Hindu religion showing only the first point.

Why don’t they see the second point? The concept is not complete by the first point. Now, the question comes, “Why should there be diversity at all and make the unnecessary effort to bring the unity? Why Hinduism is not having a single form of God as in Christianity or Islam?” All right [Agreed].
Let us assume that there is a single form in Hindu religion and let us assume that Vishnu is that single form. Then, does this solve the problem when you take the entire world? Now, there are three forms of God i.e. Jesus, Allah or Mohammad and Vishnu.

Now, if you take the world as your system for studying, is there a single form of God for the entire world? Even if we solve the problem at micro level i.e. Hinduism, but the same problem is appearing at the macro level i.e. the world. The solution at macro level is very important than at the micro level because in India, wars never took place between the followers of Vishnu and the followers of Shiva. But in the world, wars have taken place and are still taking place between the followers of Islam, Christianity, Hinduism etc. The problem at the micro level never disturbed the peace. But, the problem at macro level always disturbed the peace of the world.

To use a medicine on human beings at macro level, it is first tested in the laboratory on a micro system like a rabbit. When the medicine is proved in the case of the rabbit, it is administered to all the human beings. Similarly, the concept developed in the unity of various forms of God in Hinduism should be taken totally by all religions in the world. As the medicine cured the disease of the rabbit, it cures the same disease in all the human beings. Similarly, the knowledge of unity of various sub-religions in the Hindu religion should be applied as it is to the case of all the universal religions. This knowledge is the medicine. The fanaticism is the disease. This knowledge not only cures various fanatics in the Hindu religion, but also cures the various fanatics of religions in the world.

Infact, there is only one God in Hinduism i.e. Lord Datta who appears in various forms like Vishnu, Shiva etc. Actually, God Datta purposely created the diversity in the forms of God in Hinduism to teach the unity in diversity in all the religions in the world. This is just like a mini model prepared to represent the entire world. The same design in the mini model appears as a huge building when constructed. Similarly, the concept in Hinduism is the message for the entire universe. Lord Datta is the teacher for the world. A teacher praises his student in one subject and praises another student in another subject. He will ask them to help each other. Similarly, India should learn the sacrifice from abroad and the rest of the world should learn about unity in diversity from India.
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