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Hadith recorded by Abu Dawood, narrated by Abu Hurairah who mentioned that Muhammad s.w.s. said: “At the beginning of every century Allah will send to this ummah someone who will renew its religious understanding.”

Well, it is about time! Beginning of the century is here, irrelevant interpretations are ready to be kicked out, and we all are ready to turn to the true Islam, inshallah!

The biggest problem of the past generations was that they elevated books of Hadith into the level of the Qur'an.

But Qur'an is number one and it will always be. And nothing is equal to Allah's words!
Hadith is accepted only when supports Qur'an, but when it is in contradiction then we shall refuse it.

Allah says on Qur'an: (2:2):
"This is the Book about which there is no doubt, a guidance for those conscious of Allah."

The only Book that there is no doubt in it is the Qur'an!

Everything else is questionable!!! But Muslims behaved as if Sahihul Bukhari, for example, is the truth 100%.
They elevated it to the same level as Qur'an. But it can not be!

Bukhari himself said that he use the method of checking correctness of Hadith by praying two rakaat of istikhara. Which means he prayed for guidance to get to the truth.
But that is not VALID method of evaluation in Islam!!

If that would be acceptable method then we will not need a Judge (Qadi) and witnesses in Shariah (the Law)!
Judge could pray two rakaat of prayer and place the judgement who is right and who is wrong. Right??
But NO, that IS NOT Islamic way!

Nobody, and I mean NOBODY in ISLAM can come and say that God is enlightening him/her to the ultimate Truth, as that is reserved for Prophets!
Prayer alone does not provide an empirical evidence and conclusion!!
Islam requires authenticity (in accordance with Qur'an) and witnesses (to place judgement).

But generations and generations of Muslims accepted Bukhari's method as valid and accepted different interpretations from different people, that did not have anything with Qur'an and God's explanation of His Own rules and regulations!

So in History we could see Khalifas called 'Emirul Mu'mineen', having prostitution running in their houses!!
They changed concubines, raped, kidnapped girls... That has nothing to do with Islam!
Yes, Muslim did it, but it is NOT Islam. They called it so, because somebody interpreted it wrongly for them, to suit their desires, and probably to earn handfuls of golden coins!

And still we can see child marriage going on in Yaman, Palestine, Afghanistan etc.
And we can still see people such as ISIL raping and enslaving free woman, and we can see Muslims today in killing, criminal, corruption, prostitution, terror, violence....

And all of that IS NOT ISLAM!

What do we need; Some knowledgable moderate guy who will be Khalifa, Emirul Mu'mineen, and who will put things on their place and reform ISLAM to be in accordance with Qur'an!!

He must be an authority that will be respected in all islamic countries and when he would say that there is no more violence, there is no more slavery, there is no more child-marriages, there is no more corruption, there is no more stealing from poor, no more disrespecting of women, no more preventing females from education and sports....etc.......then all Muslims will have to obey!
They will have to be reformed, as obedience to the Leader is obligatory for all Muslims!

Allah said in Qur'an: (4:59)
"O you who have believed, obey Allah and obey the Messenger and those in authority among you. And if you disagree over anything, refer it to Allah and the Messenger (only!), if you should believe in Allah and the Last Day. That is the best [way] and best in result."

As you can see in this verse, Muslim must obey an authority. But because we now have no GLOBAL authority every local villager/bedouin, sociopath/psychopath can become an authority!
Which is a disaster!! It does not go with modern global technological world!

Simply it does not go with 21st century!!!

Our generation should have a person amongst us to be this reformer and Khalifah inshallah, at the beginning of this century! We shall start from the first Qur'anic order: 'IQRA'! which means READ/recite/proclaim!!

Our Jihad (effort) should be put into reading, learning, studying, reciting, innovating, producing, sharing, helping...
We should turn back to the Our'an indeed!

Only renewed we will be able to earn rewards of 50 sahaba, (companions of Prophet s.w.s.) and become worthy of being companions to the returning Isaa a.s. (Jesus).

Let's do it bi-ithnillah!

Khalifaaaaaaaaaaa where are youuuu :mrgreen:

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Islam is universal. It is for all people and all times. Qur'an is not for Arabs only, nor for the first generation of Muslims etc.

Companion of Muhammed s.w.s. understood islam in their way and they were practicing it according to their level of faith.

Their faith was much stronger than faith of today's people. Their mindset was different.

During the year of hunger, so called year of sorrow or year of sadness, Muhammad s.w.s. and his companions r.a. did not have in a thinnest cell of their brains ideas to SELL female children (girls) to be able to feed the rest of the family!!

But today's "Muslims" do that as a first thing! Mommy and daddy must feed a newborn baby boy....the first f***** idea they get is to sell "for marriage" their few years older girl. And local Mullas or 'scholars' will tell them that such action is permissible, because some sahaba, somewhere, sometime, married his daughter very young as well.

Islam is not like that! There is nothing like that in Qur'an to validate such stupid inhumane act!

That is why all generations have to turn back to Qur'an direct, and not to practices of sahaba.

Shabas were generations for themselves, had their own understanding of things and had their own SLOW changing process of mindset. Qur'an was revealed over 23. years, changing little by little the lifestyle and mindset of their generation.

We can NOT now look into first years of Islam and take some practice of sahaba from hat period and say 'that's Islam' and we shall do like that. NO! We have to look back at a complete picture, we have to look beyond 23 years of revelation to get the entire picture. Means we have to turn to Qur'an itself! And to the Hadith of Muhammad s.w.s. and not to anything else!

We have to follow Qur'an and understand it from our circumstances and from our mindset, because we are not even close to the Sahaba. Allah said in Qur'an that He is satisfied with them, but we are not even near like them!!

We can not practice as they practiced because we have no such capacity, and we have no such circumstances, and we have no such males now! We should become the best versions of ourselves.

Today when seeing captured woman, the first thinking that crosses male's mind is to f**k her.
But for Muhammad a.s. and sahaba first thing was to ask captured to teach illiterate to read, and so to earn their freedom!

Or if thinking about captured female as a sexual object then it was thinking of marriage!

Today generations; they are so far from Qur'an, from Islamic practices, from morals, values, humanity....

But despite being in such state, many have really high ambitions: to be like Sahaba, to be like Prophets, and some want to be 'god' themselves, to tell who will live and who will not, who will be punished, who released, who followed and who imitated....

When will we understand that Qur'an is universal and that is revealed directly for all of us in any time and place?

Will we turn to Allah, or rather follow pre-islamic practices?
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