An Interview With Mr. Harun Yahya By BBC - Video

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An Interview With Mr. Harun Yahya By BBC - Video Oct 30, 2008


BBC, one of the the largest broadcasting corporation in the world, has made an interview with Mr.Adnan Oktar and in this interview Mr.Adnan Oktar has been asked detailed questions about Darwinism and the defeat of the evolution theory.
When Mr.Oktar was asked about the connection in between Darwinism and terrorism and violence, he replied; “one has to look at the influence of Darwin himself and his own quotations, his own explanations about this issues for example in his book “My Chaos” Hitler has in a very detailed manner talked about strong and weak creatures on this earth and he defined nature as an ongoing war between the strong and the weak and he argued that if you want to live you have to accept the rule of this world between the strong and the weak. If you do not want to go into that war, you do not have the right to live. This is a direct quotation from Hitler. So Francis Galton as you know he is Darwin’s cousin and he has brought forward the theory of Eugenics which suppossed that weak and disabled people should be killed and they should be got rid off on this earth and this also shows us a direct influence from the Origin of Species, as you know when you look at what Hitler did, he killed many disabled people, many cripled people and he burnt them. So we can also look at Darwin’s explanations about superior races and the weak races. He explained that the superior races in very near future will eradicate the weaker races on the earth. What does it mean? Well, that means that in some time superior races will have to get rid of the Gypsies , the Asians, the Africans. So when you look at these quotations and these arguments it is not very difficult to see that they are also definitions of violence and terror.

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Jan 12, 2009
Social Darwinism is the reality in international Real Politics
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